Sunday, April 23, 2006

mommy and daddy did the 10km sun run. They said it was a beautiful day. It was sunny and warm. They don't know their times yet because they will be in the paper tomorrow.
When they finally got home we sat outside with Auntie Penny ALL AFTERNOON. It was great. I suntanned with Mommy and Birdie chewed on sticks with Auntie Penny. Mommy put some sunscreen on me but she thinks I got a sun burn anyways.
Mommy and Auntie Penny also gave us all Authentic Indian Names Mommy said I should apologize if it offends anyone. But we do live on a reservation so we should have Authentic Indian Names.
My name is "Charlotte Gilded Strawberry"
Birdie is"Dalia Grassy Buffalo"
Mommy is "Josephine Promotional Eagle"
Auntie Penny is "Laura terrific Drinker"
Dictator is "Geoffery Fleabitten Badger"
Don't forget they are authentic.


  1. I am Naomi Cozy Conifer--I want Auntie Penny's name!
    Sounds like a beautiful day, I haven't run since the 5k b/c I came down with a wicked chest thng, but I really could have used the running. Thanks for the laugh with the video--Snowball was the only singer in our house, although he got Belu to try it...once. "Cuter than crap" as we say here. ;)

    (Oh, and you and your Mommy have total p*rn names! :P)

  2. That makes me:
    Priscilla Turbulent Fox
    Sophie is:
    Abigail Harsh Jackal

    Eerie. How do they know? Very authentic.

  3. Hey Minou it's me riley i haven't heard from u on my blog in a while so ne ways my name is Arnold Semisweet Elk...... what is an elk anyway?

  4. Minou, isn't today (28th) your big birthday? Got any plans? I want to see your presents and your cake. I might even get something in the mail to you this weekend...