Friday, March 31, 2006

mommy is sick. it is nice cause she stays home with us but she seems really sad. She says she has a fever of 101. i am trying to keep her company and just lie with her. birdie is dumb though and keeps jumping on her making her cry. i hope she feels better soon so we can go for a walk...
i hope i don't have to take her to the hospital. i do not know how to drive.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Soundtrack courtesy of Belle and Sebastian. Sigh.... They are the best.....
mommy made cookies today. I sat on the chair and waited FOREVER. Daddy let me sneak some cookie dough but when Mommy saw what he was doing she stopped us. So I waited and waited. It was painful. I cried. It took half an HOUR!
And then Mommy taunted me while she made the movie.
but I've already had three cookies - including 2 raw ones, heh heh... I will get more. Birdie only got one. She didn't know Mommy was making cookies.

Mommy saw this band last night. She said it was AWESOME. They must have had pig ears and greenies there. She said they ate cheesecake - which obviously has cheese in it so that band must be GREAT.
I had to stay home and babysit. Stupid Birdie.
She said the band did all of their new stuff, a bunch of old and a cover of Madonna's borderline.
She didn't call you Auntie steph because they didn't start playing until 2:00am your time and mommy thought you might actually get in a plane, fly here, and slap mommy if she did that.
Today we are supposed to go for a walk. Mommy is still in her pjs though. By the time she gets dressed it will be raining again.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

the view
this is wear mommy was for the past 3 days./ we were with her the first day. yesterday she didn't even come home. she was helping a friend do this
close up of evil machine
it took them 3 days to embroider the edge of the cape with the word ultra OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!!
We missed mommy last night when she didn't come home. Birdie went potty everywhere.
but mommy is finished it now and back home. Just in time for the weekend.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

guess what we ate today!!!!!!!!!
favourtie snack
Birdie had some too. Mommy kept yelling NO NO NO NO but heh - I didn't listen. Poop poop poop YUMMY!!!!!!
our walk
it was a nice sunny day. We were walking around the golf course with mommy looking for Daddy. But we didn't find him. But he found us on our way home. Then we slept all afternoon.
Mommy has to work on Stargate tomorrow so we won't get to play outside with her - good thing I ate all that poop today.
Birdie went to the vet for her shots on Sat. Mommy didn't take pictures though BECAUSE daddy was supposed to come with us. He "forgot" and went to the golf course. Mommy said she couldn't make a movie while I was hiding under the chair barking and Birdie was trying to jump off the vet's table. Whatever.

Friday, March 17, 2006

ok mommy jumped the gun ever so slightly.
She (being only an assistant) does not go to Amsterdam on the 28th, only the costume designer and production designer go then to meet with Mr. G.
Mommy will be there by April 10th for sure though. Whew - a bit of breathing time to prepare things. She was panicing last night. Now she feels a bit better...
However all this still means Mommy wants info on Poland.....
(Thanks CAP she is going to look at the pictures ASAP)
**Oh and secret code for Auntie Steph - H.B.C. isn't doing the part. Sigh.... Janie Clarkson is probably working with her. **
Mommy asked me to try and get her some help. She is freaking out. Just ask Auntie Steph.
She is wondering if anyone out there has ever been to Poland. Tell her all about it if you have. She wants to know about the weather, the money, who speaks english, is it easy to get around, what is in the pharmacy's there? how is the food? what won't she expect there. Is there little chihuahuas?
She doesn't know what city she is going to be in yet or exact dates. But Poland worries er far more then Wales and Amsterdam.
Oh and if anyone just happens to work in a costume shop in Poland that would be really great too. Are there lots of fabric stores there? Costume rental houses? How hard it is to go somewhere else? where would you go? Germany?
As a Canadian in Poland on presumably a work visa how hard is it to go into the surrounding countries?
What is the deal with canadian cell phones in poland.... should she leave it at home and get one there?

oh that evil band in on TV. That one that tipped their bus into the ditch so Mommy couldn't come home. I think I will growl at them for a bit.

Is it scary to drive in Poland? Should she buy something with a great big maple leaf to wear so no one thinks she is an American? (Sorry American friends but rumour has it you guys have a bad reputation over there and she needs all the help she can get)
ok I think mommy is waiting for the computer so she can go to her meeting....
thank you in advance for all your advice.......

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mommy just got the phone call.....
She said something about having to be in Amsterdam by the 28th - to meet with Mr. G and friends. Mommy is excited. But I am worried. She said something about being gone for 2 months at least. What will we do without her for that long? Birdie will completely forget who she is.
I hope she can come home for visits in between. I guess we better enjoy having mommy's lap to sleep on next week since she wil be gone soon....
I think I will cry...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Elizabeth - more movies... hopefully! They work best outside because it is soo dark in our apartment (we live in a dungeon aka basement) lately it has been pouring rain so I refuse to go outside. You don't expect me to get wet just for everyone's entertainment do you? Birdie still goes outside. Maybe I will let her star in another movie.
I was surprised Mommy didn't make any this weekend as it was beautiful outside.
MAYBE I will bring the camera along this weekend - Birdie has to get her shots! heh heh. She cries ALOT! heh heh.. and barks alot. HEH HEH HEH. You will all see what a BAD puppy she is. Not so cute when she is screaming and barking at everyone.

** in answer to Crazy Aunt Purl - mommy uses imovie on her mac. We have no idea if there is something similar on a PC. she just imports the movie and plays with it. Although it isn't always that easy - poor Auntie Stephanie isn't ablt to import movies into hers.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

their favourite toy
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Birdie and I were playing tonight. This is our favourite toy. We fight over it all the time. Birdie likes to chew on the foot and make it squeak. I like to chase it.
I won the tug of war by the way. Birdie is a softie.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Look who is modelling for m i n o u p i t o u now.... not fair. I didn't ask mommy if she could be a model.
Mommy hasn't made me one yet. She says she needs to buy more irom on transfer paper before she can do that.
We went for another walk today. I like unemployed Mommy. To the post office and then pet store where we got JERKY! I heeled all the way home as nicely as I could.
Mommy was cruel though. she tied Birdie and I to the same leash so if I pulled - instead of pulling mommy i pulled Birdie. Birdie is really slow and meanders alot so she kept pulling the WRONG WAY. When we got to the pet store she wouldn't even go inside... Ugh.
By the way. THE shirt was found. Birdie put it in the laundry. heh heh....

Friday, March 10, 2006

Birdie and Minou
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Mommy made us new sweaters today. Mine is too big and Birdie's is too small. Nice going... Oh well. Then we got to go for a walk. It was fun. Lots of things to sniff.... Birdie was a big weenie and cried alot to be picked up but mommy ignored her. I peed EVERYWHERE!

the shirt is still missing. 3 days and counting.. no sign whatso ever. Mommy nearly peed herself when she saw a black sock the toher day - she was sure it was the reappearing t-shirt. HA HA HAAAAA.
Birdie - on top of losing her shirt - is peeing and pooping everywhere she isn't supposed to. Mommy is getting super angry. (SHHHH maybe they will send her away - I think I will leave some info on putting puppies in bags with rocks on the dining room table)

Thursday, March 9, 2006

my stupid sister lost her new t-shirt already. Mommy got me the brooklyn tee and Birdie a New York tee. She wore it long enough to take pictures of it the other day and then BOOM gone. Mommy and Daddy searched EVERYWHERE yesterday and it is gone. Daddy said Birdie ate it. She must have cause we can't find it.
I never lose my clothes. Stupid Birdie.
And she keeps peeing on the bath mat cause it looks like a pee pad. Last night she went there and Daddy came and told Mommy. Mommy was like "did you just leave it there?"
Daddy "yes"
Mommy " you didn't pick it up or try and clean it up?"
Daddy "no"
Mommy "so you are just coming to inform me so I can get up"
Daddy "yes"
Mommy "you couldn't pick it up and at least throw it in the general direction of the washing machine?"
Daddy "no"
Mommy wasn't impressed. heh heh.... Daddy did finally put it in the washer. Daddy got a promotion and is a foreman now. So we have to call him Foreman Dictator. He is good at bossing us all around. Except Mommy. She doesn't listen to him. Mommy should be "extreme absoulte ruler"
Except I boss Mommy around so what does that make me?
Birdie is a peasant. A stupid peasant.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

cool chihuahua hoodie
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mommy didn't buy me this... grrr.. she said it was too expensive..but she took a picture so she could copy it for me... i hope birdie doesn't get one too.

new keens
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mommy bought MORE shoes in NYC. She said she tried on all kinds at DWS but managed to only buy these keens..... Mommy was coveting some Calvin Klein shoes - several pairs in fact. She is BAD...
Birdie and I got the NY and Brooklyn t-shirts and the harnesses. Daddy got two paperbacks - IN FRENCH! and mommy bought the two heavy books for work - but that is all she bought. She tried to be a poor person in NYC like she is unfortunately she travels with credit cards. Only one of which quit working while she was there...

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

NYC presents
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Mommy is home. We got new t-shirts and harnesses! YIPPEEEE. We are sooo glad she is here. There is pictures from the wedding on flickr...

Saturday, March 4, 2006

got another email from mommy. she said the wedding was soooo much fun and she danced like an idiot. now she is super tired. she still hasn't bought me a single present either. too busy partying with everyone. Apparently she has taken over 400 pictures. she said miranda was beautiful in her origami dress and the boat the wedding was really cool.
daddy dropped birdie on her head today. heh heh.... stupid birdie....

Friday, March 3, 2006

mommy is in new york. We are bored without her. This sucks. She says it is really really cold there. HEH heh. Serves her right.
She sent me an email today and said she went to the metropolitan museum to look at the rembrandt paintings - research for the movie. Now she can write off her whole trip. heh heh... She said she also bought the two heaviest books she could find in the museum gift shop just so she could carry them in her bag for the next 4 hours as she walked around manhattan. I think she misses carrying me and Birdie in a bag.
Tomorrow is the BIG WEDDING. (Hi Pet-Ah , Hi My Panda Happy!)
We miss you mommy come home soon!!!!!!!