Wednesday, March 8, 2006

cool chihuahua hoodie
Originally uploaded by Luc, Ang, Minou and Birdie.

mommy didn't buy me this... grrr.. she said it was too expensive..but she took a picture so she could copy it for me... i hope birdie doesn't get one too.


  1. OMG did your mommy get to go to Trixie and Peanut store?

  2. no cause she sucks... (I think she forgot it was there)
    she happened to find happy paws inc. but that was about it besides the petco in union square..

  3. That is the perfect sweater for you minou so you can give people fair warning that you are so scary.

    LOVE your mommy's new sneakers! Your auntie steph has keen's too, that look about my size. I don't think I would have a problem over-powering her at SnB and taking them. She looks like a biter though.

    Anyhoo - love the new kicks!