Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mommy just got the phone call.....
She said something about having to be in Amsterdam by the 28th - to meet with Mr. G and friends. Mommy is excited. But I am worried. She said something about being gone for 2 months at least. What will we do without her for that long? Birdie will completely forget who she is.
I hope she can come home for visits in between. I guess we better enjoy having mommy's lap to sleep on next week since she wil be gone soon....
I think I will cry...


  1. Minou,

    I just read the big news on Auntie Steph's blog! Tell your mommy that is so exciting and congratulations.

    I feel bad that you and Birdie will be separated from her for a couple of months. I bet your Mommy is really really sad about it since you two are her girls. Maybe you can sleep with one of her t-shirts or towels while she's gone.

  2. Minou honey, I know it's hard thinking about Mommy going away for so long. But I heard that Auntie Penny is coming to visit and that maybe your pal Christine will be visiting again, which will help the time go by faster.

    I bet Mommy will send you lots of videos of her telling you that she loves you. You know that Daddy will happily play them for you while she is away.

    You have a very important job while Mommy is away, Minou - you need to make sure that Birdie doesn't get into trouble and you have to make sure that Daddy is well-loved while Mommy is away.

    Take care, little girl.

  3. Minou, sounds like a great job for your Mommy. You and Birdie be able to keep in touch with her by email you can send lots of photos. I'm sure you and Birdie will do fine. Think of the great gifts Mommy will bring you. I'll bet your Daddy will let you eat lots of greenies.

  4. Minou, I'm sorry your mommy will be gone for so long. I hope you keep blogging while she's away -- I don't think I could make it for two months without you.

    All-in-all, this is such an exciting time for your mom it'll be okay. Birdie will remember her and so will you!