Friday, March 10, 2006

Birdie and Minou
Originally uploaded by Luc, Ang, Minou and Birdie.

Mommy made us new sweaters today. Mine is too big and Birdie's is too small. Nice going... Oh well. Then we got to go for a walk. It was fun. Lots of things to sniff.... Birdie was a big weenie and cried alot to be picked up but mommy ignored her. I peed EVERYWHERE!


  1. Oh, Birdie and Minou are so sweet in their new sweaters, they look absolutely lovely! Who cares if they fit perfectly as long as they're warm, no?
    Have fun knitting!

  2. Very cute pic of Birdie looking straight at the camera and so badass in her pink sweater and green collar.

    And the root picture is really neat.