Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Elizabeth - more movies... hopefully! They work best outside because it is soo dark in our apartment (we live in a dungeon aka basement) lately it has been pouring rain so I refuse to go outside. You don't expect me to get wet just for everyone's entertainment do you? Birdie still goes outside. Maybe I will let her star in another movie.
I was surprised Mommy didn't make any this weekend as it was beautiful outside.
MAYBE I will bring the camera along this weekend - Birdie has to get her shots! heh heh. She cries ALOT! heh heh.. and barks alot. HEH HEH HEH. You will all see what a BAD puppy she is. Not so cute when she is screaming and barking at everyone.

** in answer to Crazy Aunt Purl - mommy uses imovie on her mac. We have no idea if there is something similar on a PC. she just imports the movie and plays with it. Although it isn't always that easy - poor Auntie Stephanie isn't ablt to import movies into hers.

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  1. I like the movies, too! I am trying to figure out how to make movies with my camera for my trip to Paris (wooowee!) Minou, how does your mommy make the nifty titles on the movies? I love them! You are the star!!