Monday, March 13, 2006

Look who is modelling for m i n o u p i t o u now.... not fair. I didn't ask mommy if she could be a model.
Mommy hasn't made me one yet. She says she needs to buy more irom on transfer paper before she can do that.
We went for another walk today. I like unemployed Mommy. To the post office and then pet store where we got JERKY! I heeled all the way home as nicely as I could.
Mommy was cruel though. she tied Birdie and I to the same leash so if I pulled - instead of pulling mommy i pulled Birdie. Birdie is really slow and meanders alot so she kept pulling the WRONG WAY. When we got to the pet store she wouldn't even go inside... Ugh.
By the way. THE shirt was found. Birdie put it in the laundry. heh heh....


  1. Oh-my-doG! She's a natural!

  2. I am glad she didn't eat the shirt!

  3. Hey minou haven't heard from u in a while but anyways I like that pic of Birdie..... oh yah i almost forgot to come you don't call birdie THOR anymore?

  4. She is SO CUTE!
    Are we going to see another movie anytime soon?