Thursday, March 9, 2006

my stupid sister lost her new t-shirt already. Mommy got me the brooklyn tee and Birdie a New York tee. She wore it long enough to take pictures of it the other day and then BOOM gone. Mommy and Daddy searched EVERYWHERE yesterday and it is gone. Daddy said Birdie ate it. She must have cause we can't find it.
I never lose my clothes. Stupid Birdie.
And she keeps peeing on the bath mat cause it looks like a pee pad. Last night she went there and Daddy came and told Mommy. Mommy was like "did you just leave it there?"
Daddy "yes"
Mommy " you didn't pick it up or try and clean it up?"
Daddy "no"
Mommy "so you are just coming to inform me so I can get up"
Daddy "yes"
Mommy "you couldn't pick it up and at least throw it in the general direction of the washing machine?"
Daddy "no"
Mommy wasn't impressed. heh heh.... Daddy did finally put it in the washer. Daddy got a promotion and is a foreman now. So we have to call him Foreman Dictator. He is good at bossing us all around. Except Mommy. She doesn't listen to him. Mommy should be "extreme absoulte ruler"
Except I boss Mommy around so what does that make me?
Birdie is a peasant. A stupid peasant.


  1. You are a funny little dog--and your daddy is a tattletale.

  2. I can take this "birdie" off your hands, Little Puppy. Indeed. I may be able to fit the entire birdie inside my mouth.

    I am the Sobakowa. Bow down to my Greatness.

  3. well, if birdie is anything at all like me-- she ate the shirt. it's gone.

    don't worry though... it will show up in a few days.

    mommy is dying laughing... your daddy is EXACTLY LIKE MINE!

  4. burdee. code message received. will be quick to intecept mail to get my greenee, and so the staff do not find it and confiscate it. "mommy" and "daddy" are terrible employees and are always stealing my stuff, and are currently on probation.

    Peeing in the house is uncivilized for a golden retriever such as myself. I even refuse to potty in my backyard except under duress. I prefer to ask to come inside, go all the way to the front door and have the butler or maid escort me to the green space out front.