Friday, March 17, 2006

ok mommy jumped the gun ever so slightly.
She (being only an assistant) does not go to Amsterdam on the 28th, only the costume designer and production designer go then to meet with Mr. G.
Mommy will be there by April 10th for sure though. Whew - a bit of breathing time to prepare things. She was panicing last night. Now she feels a bit better...
However all this still means Mommy wants info on Poland.....
(Thanks CAP she is going to look at the pictures ASAP)
**Oh and secret code for Auntie Steph - H.B.C. isn't doing the part. Sigh.... Janie Clarkson is probably working with her. **

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  1. My Sissy Lindsay just got back from Holland. She went there to see Arrie and meet his family. She said it was beautiful! Your Mommy is going have a great time. Maybe she will see Arrie!

    Nibbles, Isa

    Sammy says Hi and he's feeling better!
    My Sissy once stepped in my poo with her barefoot once! HA HA HA! She didn't like it!