Saturday, March 25, 2006

Soundtrack courtesy of Belle and Sebastian. Sigh.... They are the best.....
mommy made cookies today. I sat on the chair and waited FOREVER. Daddy let me sneak some cookie dough but when Mommy saw what he was doing she stopped us. So I waited and waited. It was painful. I cried. It took half an HOUR!
And then Mommy taunted me while she made the movie.
but I've already had three cookies - including 2 raw ones, heh heh... I will get more. Birdie only got one. She didn't know Mommy was making cookies.


  1. Minou - I just love you so much!!!! You're just so darned cute.
    And a patient little girl too.


    (B&S RULE - Uncle Andrew has the new CD for me!!!!!!)

  2. I wish my mommy made cookies.
    You are a sneaky chihuahua. I love the video of you, especially when the camera is in front of your face.

    Casey the Weimaraner

  3. Wow, you are a patient little doggie. I'd have had the cookies all hidden before Mommy got the camera. Shhh, don't tell, I bury my treats in the sofa. If I'm not fast enough the cats steal my treats, they gnaw on my chew bones and I think they play with my toys! I get them back though when I try to sit on them or pull their tail.

  4. Oh Minou, I nearly cried when you couldn't reach the cookie, so mean!!!!
    But at least there was a happy ending.

  5. Sweet pea, your Uncle Andrew is quite upset that you said Belle and Sebastian are the best.

    He thinks you might personally know another good band.

  6. You are sooo cute, little one (don't tell Sophie I said that). I sort of forget that you are a dog sometimes, I think of you as a very tiny, hairy little human who doesn't speak clearly.