Friday, March 10, 2006

the shirt is still missing. 3 days and counting.. no sign whatso ever. Mommy nearly peed herself when she saw a black sock the toher day - she was sure it was the reappearing t-shirt. HA HA HAAAAA.
Birdie - on top of losing her shirt - is peeing and pooping everywhere she isn't supposed to. Mommy is getting super angry. (SHHHH maybe they will send her away - I think I will leave some info on putting puppies in bags with rocks on the dining room table)


  1. I have the T-shirt. I am holding it ransom.

  2. burdee, why oh why are you going potty everywhere?

    Maybe you smell potties in places around the house that you've gone before and think it is your pee-pad. There is an enzymatic cleaner called "Natures Miracle" at the pet store that will take awaythe smells only doggies can smell.

    You know, little one, if you go potty in the right place, everyone will tell you how pretty you are and give you lots of treats. Except Minou, she likes it when you get in trouble.