Sunday, March 19, 2006

guess what we ate today!!!!!!!!!
favourtie snack
Birdie had some too. Mommy kept yelling NO NO NO NO but heh - I didn't listen. Poop poop poop YUMMY!!!!!!
our walk
it was a nice sunny day. We were walking around the golf course with mommy looking for Daddy. But we didn't find him. But he found us on our way home. Then we slept all afternoon.
Mommy has to work on Stargate tomorrow so we won't get to play outside with her - good thing I ate all that poop today.
Birdie went to the vet for her shots on Sat. Mommy didn't take pictures though BECAUSE daddy was supposed to come with us. He "forgot" and went to the golf course. Mommy said she couldn't make a movie while I was hiding under the chair barking and Birdie was trying to jump off the vet's table. Whatever.


  1. Is that horse poop? I've never tried it. Canadian goose poop is quite tasty. It was fun to try to sneak it off the ground when we lived in Ont.

    Alas, all we have in our neighbourhood is dog poop that stupid people don't scoop. Dog poop grosses me out. I'm even disgusted by my own puppy poop and run away from it after I am finished.

  2. eeeewww!!!! hehehehe

    Minou tell your mommy thanks for the comments and that she may be right about Him, and this vacation will be more fun than ever. Also tell her we are going soon, is she going to be there too?