Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mommy saw this band last night. She said it was AWESOME. They must have had pig ears and greenies there. She said they ate cheesecake - which obviously has cheese in it so that band must be GREAT.
I had to stay home and babysit. Stupid Birdie.
She said the band did all of their new stuff, a bunch of old and a cover of Madonna's borderline.
She didn't call you Auntie steph because they didn't start playing until 2:00am your time and mommy thought you might actually get in a plane, fly here, and slap mommy if she did that.
Today we are supposed to go for a walk. Mommy is still in her pjs though. By the time she gets dressed it will be raining again.

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  1. Minou, I'm jealous of your mommy just a wee little bit right now. I think I'll go chew something up (some paper, or a shoe) out of defiance. Oh, wait, that's your job.