Friday, March 17, 2006

Mommy asked me to try and get her some help. She is freaking out. Just ask Auntie Steph.
She is wondering if anyone out there has ever been to Poland. Tell her all about it if you have. She wants to know about the weather, the money, who speaks english, is it easy to get around, what is in the pharmacy's there? how is the food? what won't she expect there. Is there little chihuahuas?
She doesn't know what city she is going to be in yet or exact dates. But Poland worries er far more then Wales and Amsterdam.
Oh and if anyone just happens to work in a costume shop in Poland that would be really great too. Are there lots of fabric stores there? Costume rental houses? How hard it is to go somewhere else? where would you go? Germany?
As a Canadian in Poland on presumably a work visa how hard is it to go into the surrounding countries?
What is the deal with canadian cell phones in poland.... should she leave it at home and get one there?

oh that evil band in on TV. That one that tipped their bus into the ditch so Mommy couldn't come home. I think I will growl at them for a bit.

Is it scary to drive in Poland? Should she buy something with a great big maple leaf to wear so no one thinks she is an American? (Sorry American friends but rumour has it you guys have a bad reputation over there and she needs all the help she can get)
ok I think mommy is waiting for the computer so she can go to her meeting....
thank you in advance for all your advice.......


  1. If she's going to Gdynia she should stay away from the waterfront. Apart from that I'm useless for info.

  2. Hi!

    I loved Poland and I really want to come with you! When are you going? Poland was probably my very favorite of all the places I have visited, because the people are seriously THE NICEST HUMANS ON THE PLANET. So friendly! Not many folks spoke speaks English, but that wasn't an impediment for me, I just smiled a lot and it worked out.

    Polish use the zloty, although they will transition to the Euro next year, I think. The prices in Poland are OUTSTANDING. I bought so much stuff there I had to buy an extra suitcase. Everything was so affordable!

    I went to Wroclaw (pronounced Vra-swav or something) and it was a lovely, amazing city. Then we drove all over the place in a car we rented from Denmark (we drove a lot). Here was my driving experience in Poland, three years ago:

    There is no real freeway.

    There are lots of construction areas, potato trucks and small towns and 2-lane roads. However! I loved driving in Poland, it was so relaxing and pretty and unusual... I kept saying, "Look! We're in what used to be the Soviet Union! I will ask for espionage at the next truck stop!" This joke never got old... to me. heh heh

    I want to come with you! The only thing you need to be cautious about is where you park your rental car. Car theft is about the only real crime there. Keep in mind they don't sell guns over there the way we do here, so it's much safer overall. My pics of poland are here:

    You have to skip around a lot to get to the Polish stuff, but you can see a little of what it looks like. Ignore Mr. X.

  3. Also! We'll be in Paris very very soon, email me if you want the exact dates because if you are going to paris I want to see you! We'll have so much fun, and I can drag you with me to La Droguerie which is supposed to be this amazing yarn/button/notions/fabric/craft place in Paris.

    I really want to go to Poland, though. I loved that place, it was so unexpectedly lovely. And in the south and west, everyone is beautiful, gorgeous blondes with lovely skin and happy smiles. Good vodka, perhaps?

  4. ... because I NEVER SHUT UP....

    The weather: cold unless it's summer

    The Pharmacy: I don't know, but the grocery store was awesome. I got toothpaste, a case of bottled water (for the road) postcards, stickers for a friend who collects them, tons of chocolate, snacks, extra socks, and some cute barettes for like $12 ... so great.

    The food: They have all the normal fast-food places in the cities. Polish food has lots of potato pancakes and hearty meats. I traveled with stupid Mr. X though who only eats pizza and McDonald's ... both were good in poland.

    Can you go other places: SO EASY. Germany is an easy car-trip, we actually drove all the way from Copenhagen to Poland, through Berlin.

    Moving from place-to-place, visa junk: No issue. Smile. They will see the Canada passport and you breeze through. However, sometimes there is a long wait at border crossings by car. Lots of trucks in line, etc.

    I have a good driving map somewhere, I think. Let me know when you want me to arrive in Poland hah hah. I just don't want you to woryy, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how European it is. And people are so kind and friendly!

  5. I haven't been to Poland, so can't offer any advice on the environment there, but I've been to europe a fair bit.

    If your cell phone is uses a dual or tri-band GSM phone and your provider offers an international calling service, you should be able to use your phone there -- my phone works better anywhere else in the world besides the US. It's expensive though -- $1-$2 US a minute -- you may want to get a phone while you are in Amsterdam that will work in Poland. It'll probably be cheaper.

    Poland borders the former East Germany and depending on where you are, it may not take too long to get to Berlin, a city I think is fantastic.