Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!!!!!

So tonight was my second halloween - only my first time dressed up. My mom was Priscilla Presley- we were very cute together.

I didn't like all the small people coming to the door. They all kept saying 'treat' and I never got anything. Not to mention it is way past my bedtime and I'm cranky.

I'm still awake and wandering around in my costume. Apparently we are still going out tonight to shoot fireworks - sounds terrifying. I was minding my own business taking a crap when some went of 5 ft away. Freaked me right out. I've never moved so fast with crap coming out my back end.

I'm gonna go now I'm sure there is still some candy on the floor somewhere.

P.S. I took a crap inthe pet store today - ha ha my mom was so embarrassed!

Halloween DAY

Can't wait to go out in my costume today some moer. I got so much attention yesterday along the sea wall. Other dogs desparately wanted to sniff my butt - that annoys me so much I kept running away.

Mom has a new bag to carry me in when she rollar blades. She is a horrible rollarblader - and wearing the bag made it worse. I was glad when dad suggested getting the leash. If I had $$ I get mom lessons - she looks so silly out there with her hemet on barely going 1 mile per hour.

After that we came home cause mom had to go to a concert - i don't know what that is. So I hung out with dad and slept...

Dad is finally on friendster but he won't add me as a friend. He is so cruel...

I think I'll lick his face a bunch this morning after I finish licking my butthole.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

my costume

I have to poo

I slept in until 10:10am today when mom and dad finally annoyed me so much I had to get up. Mom won't stop kissing my head. THyrza got up and started making breakfast - she never drops anything. I really have to poo now but they won;t let me outside and I hate going in my little box. I keep licking myself so that it doesn't come ut but I won't be able to hold itmuch longer. Mom says I can wear my halloween costume today. I'm excited...

Friday, October 29, 2004

I got scared.

I had a really scary day yesterday. I was running around with my dad and this really big dog came and wanted to eat me. I started screaming but no one wanted to help me. Not even my dad he laughed. I was so scared I nearly peed myself. So I ran all the way home. I knew the way all by myself. I had to cross 5 streets. I was so frightened that the big dog was right behind me I didn't stop - even though my dad was yelling at me. I got home and I couldn't reach the doorbell so I barked as loud as I could and Thyrza saved me.

I hope I don't see that dog again.

Mom won't give me any chicken and the lady who like to give me chicken at supper hasn't been here for awhile. I miss her.

Dad is still picking fleas off me. My medication doesn't seem to be working.

Oh and my horrible mom cut my nails tonight. She gave me a greenie afterwards like that makes it any better.

I think I'll sleep in really late tomorrow.