Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween DAY

Can't wait to go out in my costume today some moer. I got so much attention yesterday along the sea wall. Other dogs desparately wanted to sniff my butt - that annoys me so much I kept running away.

Mom has a new bag to carry me in when she rollar blades. She is a horrible rollarblader - and wearing the bag made it worse. I was glad when dad suggested getting the leash. If I had $$ I get mom lessons - she looks so silly out there with her hemet on barely going 1 mile per hour.

After that we came home cause mom had to go to a concert - i don't know what that is. So I hung out with dad and slept...

Dad is finally on friendster but he won't add me as a friend. He is so cruel...

I think I'll lick his face a bunch this morning after I finish licking my butthole.

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