Saturday, November 27, 2004

fuzzy feet

mom put these here so auntie steph could see them.... they are for her boss...

shh.. don't tell...

i miss mommy

my mommy hasn't been home at all this week - i miss her. when she did come home early one day she had a sore ear and slept the whole time. so to get back at her i stay awake all night long and keep bringing her new toys to chew on. it looks like she will be home today and will hang out with me. it is sunny out so i'm hoping we can go for a walk - no rain! maybe to the pet store for a treat. daddy is mad at me cause everytime i jump on the bed at night i jump on his head - he gets really mad...

i'll be good today. prmoise.

mom thinks my new cousin mightr be coming home today - hello julien!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

the CAT

That's me - my mommy took the picture. It is blurry cause I wouldn't let her use a flash - it makes me blink.

I had an okay day today after I got away from that nasty scary cat. It was soo scary. I couldn't even look at it. It was soo scary - big huge teeth, and huge sharp claws. I kept crying and mom kept making me sit next to it. It hissed and growled. mom said I should be friends with it cause in another 2 months it will be bigger then me - I can't imagine how frightening it will be then. It will take over the world my mom should be careful. I can't believe Thyrza let's it live with her - it may try and kill her in the night. Evil cat I just wanted to be it's friend.

Afterwards we went to a yarn store. Mom was trying to hide me in her bag but I kept barking hee hee. I heard the yarn store lady say it was okay to have dogs in there but mom still didn't let me out so I barked some more.

Then we went for a little walk. I like going for walks and sniffing everything. I had to have a nap afterall my excitement today and now daddy just gave me a greenie!!! Yippee I will go eat it!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

humping fair

Today mom took me to the 'pet fair.' I didn't really like it. There were lots of dogs there. I was really shy - there was some nice ones who wanted to sniff my butt but some were too big - there was a great dane and sheep dogs. Dad kept making me do tricks - I was so embarrassed. Then we sat and watched a brown noser chihuahua do lame tricks. But while we watched this littl eguy - he was half my size - started humping me. He was really weird. I kept running to sit on mom to hide but Charlie kept coming. Then this other dog came and and Charlie started licking his balls. I used the opportunity to hide on Daddy. Mom had said I could sit on Santa's lap and then changed her mind - she said it was too much money. I was glad - he looked scary. Oh Dad just got really excited - there are 3 golf movies on TV next week - I have't seen him scream like a girl like that in a long time.

Then on the way home I got car sick. I puked all over the seat - but not on daddy. I felt bad. When I had to do it again I puked in the plastic bag like daddy told me too. I feel better now. I had some crunch crunch and a greenie. I just don't like driving in the city.


Mommy didn't come home until midnight last night. Daddy was already in bed. I thought it was a robber so I barked as loud as I could but then the robber knew my name "MINOU!!"

She looked too tired too wash her face so I licked her real good before she fell asleep. But she did promise me today we would go see Santa Claus and I could have my picture taken with him. It sounds like fun......

Daddy came home at his usual time and put my sparkly hoodie on and took me for a walk. I missed Daddy this summer - I'm glad he is around again.... His hair is even longer then mine now! He was supposed to work today but now he isn't so I don't know if he will come with me and mommy. I hope he does!

Sunday, November 7, 2004


mommy has been too busy tp help me type and spell lately. She has been working so hard ) hardly see her. But she is home now. yesterday she left before supper and didn't come home until 4:00am. I thought someone was breaking into the house so I barked alot. This morning she got up again but she came home a little while later.

I have beena good girl today it is only noon and I have already been given treats twice - I've pooped in my box just like I'm supposed too! I refuse to go outside in the rain. It is yucky.

Daddy went out and bought me treats last week - he has never done that before! He is such a great daddy. I love him. I hope me mommy and daddy can go for a long walk today if the rain stops.

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

The Neighbours.....

I met my neighbour today - a pug. He's okay. I don't know if I want to be his friend yet - some neighbours are sooo nosy. He always seems to be outside.

Last night I fell out of the bed. Well I didn't fall I had to pee but I slipped and hit my head on the floor. I woke up mom with my thud. It hurt so much but I didn't cry - I didn't want to wake up daddy. Mommy came with me to the other room, I had a little water and peed. Mommy did the same. Then we went back to bed. Mommy got up a little later and went to work. It was so early I didn't get out of bed to say goodbye. Then she didn't come home again for soooo long.... But she is home now and we have been playing and eating treats - what fun!

Monday, November 1, 2004

Moving day

We've moved again..... i think I am an army brat, but no one is in the army. I don't know about the new place. No one feeds me chicken and it rains all the time. We have no bed here or any furniture. My little tent is here so I have been hanging out in it alot. There is carpet in most of the rooms - I like running around on it.

Just to make sure everyone knows I live here I peed on the welcome mat as we came here. I'm so smart.

Mom and Dad seem very happy here - they had their supper by the fireplace, and mom has a tub to soak in again!!!!

We also went to ikea today. Dad picked out a mouse pillow for me. I'd rather sleep on their dirty clothes though.

I hope tomorrow the rain stops and I can have some chicken....