Monday, November 1, 2004

Moving day

We've moved again..... i think I am an army brat, but no one is in the army. I don't know about the new place. No one feeds me chicken and it rains all the time. We have no bed here or any furniture. My little tent is here so I have been hanging out in it alot. There is carpet in most of the rooms - I like running around on it.

Just to make sure everyone knows I live here I peed on the welcome mat as we came here. I'm so smart.

Mom and Dad seem very happy here - they had their supper by the fireplace, and mom has a tub to soak in again!!!!

We also went to ikea today. Dad picked out a mouse pillow for me. I'd rather sleep on their dirty clothes though.

I hope tomorrow the rain stops and I can have some chicken....

1 comment:

  1. Minou!
    My little puppy friend. I'm so happy that you have moved to your new home. Good call, peeing on the welcome mat. Keeps the unwanted cats away.

    When you have a chance, come see me at my new home:

    Big smooches for my favorite pooch!
    Say hi to Mommy and Daddy for me!