Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the girls and the truck
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inspecting the packing of the truck. I guess the dictator did ok. Although mommy still has to go get her plants.
Our new house is ok. I still want more carpet.

Monday, June 25, 2007

At work.
I am just about dying.
I am sooo tired and stiff. I'll have to leave early, My production levels are quite low this afternoon.

We moved Saturday - our new place has 5 flights of stairs. Small flights but 5 flights. Schlepping in boxes was exhausting. But I was ok Sunday.

We painted Sunday. Again alot of work sanding and what not and vaccumming up the dust and crap but I was ok this morning. Tired but the joints still worked.

I went to Boot Camp at 6:00am this morning. I can't walk anymore. One should NOT 'jump' across a soccer field, do twenty push ups, and repeat 3 times. My legs hurt sooo bad. At the end when everyone else was 'sprinting' across the field I had slowed to a meander. I was glad I had a tensor bandage on my sore heel so I could pretend it was an injury keeping me from sprinting like everyone else. I can't believe I have to go again on Wednesday. I think I might die. Since I fell off the diet wagon this weekend I guess I deserved it. (sour cream and onion chips, cheese cake, regular coke - I could go on, that was only one meal.)

I really really want to go home. I had hopes of finishing the painting in the living room but that isn't going to happen without a really satisfying nap.

Happy to be in our new house. Just wish we were a little further along with the unpacking.
We are in our new tent. It is big.
I don't like it. Too many boxes. Too many stairs. The floors are cold - I won't sit on them. Mommy said the floors in the bathrooms are heated but I'm not buying it. I still will go up to the bedroom to wait for her.
Since I can't see down the hallway into every room anymore I bark at EVERYTHING. How am I supposed to know that noise is Daddy in the kitchen? I'm on the top floor with mommy - it could be a vicious criminal and I need to protect her. Birdie is no help at all.
Mommy took lots of pictures of us moving but can't find the camera cord yet to attach it to the computer. Maybe tonight.
Now Mommy and Daddy left us alone for the day. I think I'll get Birdie in trouble. Poop in the living room or something and blame it on her.
Baboon is here and it makes me happy. It will be okay as long as baboon is here.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

These parents were worried about the babysitter they hired, so they hid a camera in their childs bedroom and when they checked the footage what they saw was pretty freaky. Can you see the ghost?

Sitter Cam Catches Ghost - Watch more free videos
heh heh scary.

Monday, June 18, 2007


living room



this one looks to purple - it should be more brown.
ok ok ok
here are my approximate colors of the other rooms.
what on earth will the studio be. Sigh.
Verismo is evil.
She showed me this website.
Now I can't decide again.

Now I have a whole new set of color options for the wall and pattern. Ugh this is too hard....
ok ok - another question....
I am NOT an interior decorater and this being my first chance to paint walls I'm a little excited about every single possible color in the WORLD!!!!
I'm getting worried that there may be a bit of shock everytime someone walks in another room into yet another color!!!!! I have a rainbow of rooms! HEE HEE HEE.. It is getting to be too late already as I have bought the paint but I'm curious if other people think of this.
So far I'd say the colors all go together - nothing too shocking or bright or dark - all muted greens and blues so far.... I'd show ya'll paint swatches but we left them at the paint shop. You're going to have to wait until the rooms are done!
My studio is going to be the wackiest cause it's my studio and I want to have fun. I'm leaning towards the grey and silver and one of these chandaliers from Ikea.

Go big or go home is what lala always says. (I should point out I know a few lala's just in case your name is lala and you have never said this - lala in whoville is the one who always reminds me of this!)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Help me pick!

I'm going to put - GASP - WALLPAPER in my studio/sewing room.
Why? because I can and I think it is awesome.
But I can't decide which one to buy.
These three pictures are of the three really expensive ones I can't afford from www.namaroccoco.com and www.flavorpaper.com. I love them to death but it would be over $600 USD to do one wall.

So these next two are ones I found in our local paint shop that I can afford. But now I can't decide. The gold and silver on them both have a metallic quality. and I like them both. My first impulse is the grey/silver one but I like the greenish/gold one too!!!!!
Life is hard.

Help me pick!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

This is the last week before the move.
We spent the day schlepping stuff from my studio to the apartment and packing. (With out new lovely mortgage I can't afford a studio anymore so I get a sewing room in the new house)
T-dawg came over to help - thank goodness she was here - it seems to have lit a fire under dictator's butt. Otherwise that butt would have been firmly planted on the couch where it was headed when she walked in the door.
We accomplished alot but there is still quite a bit to do and we ran out of boxes. Not sure where I will find anymore good sized ones this weekend.
Minou is starting to get a little freaked out. She knows something is up.Tomorrow I'm getting out the suitcases for the remaining clothes - I'm sure she will spend the next 3 days sitting in them if I do. Birdie is totally oblivious to everything though. This will be her first move.
We take possession of the house on Wed but are not officially moving until Sat. We might have fun and camp out right away on Wed night. Too exciting not too! NEW HOUSE NEW HOUSE!!!!!!
I hope Minou and Birdie are happy there - a few things might upset them. No carpets, I hope to get some area rugs eventually but the ones I like are expensive so it will take awhile. Lots of stairs instead of our long apartment - the girls LOVE running back and forth at high speed from the living room to the bedroom. That won't happen anymore. A small yard in the new place - again not alot of running room. Poor things. It is all we can afford. I hope they like it - lots of new places to sniff. I am probably the only weirdo in the world worried that her chihuahuas won't like the new house. We will be walking distance to the beach but that doesn't do them much good if no one walks them there.
I'm going to miss this apartment. It is really great.
Sorry we aren't blogging as much these days. I'm hoping once we are settled in the house I'll pick it up again. In the meantime I'm still reading everyone else's blogs regularly and if anyone is on facebook you'll have to email us. We are ever so slightly OBSESSED with it.
Time for bed. I'm rambling.

Friday, June 15, 2007

A small shot from the movie I am working on that I found online......
Not much else to report. I should be packing - we move next Sat. But I'm tired. Minou has kept me up the past two nights - wayyyy to hyper.
OHHHH is there a special wedding what not to wear on tv? really? vera wang? on what not to wear? HUH? Must watch.

Monday, June 11, 2007

dis murnin i wus ootsiid poopen wen i saw a leetle orung buttl. eet smelld gud. so i sturted leeckin et.
wen mommee saw et she yelld NO! an maad me cum insiid.
she said et wus 'A N T P O I S O N'
heh heh eet tast gud
so momee brught me to wurc. she said she had to watkh me.
no i at wurk.
i wus setteng on hur tabl an evel ladee heather wus petteng me. I wus fed up. so I beet her gud. NO MUR PETTENG MI HED!!!!!!!
I scurd her gud
she jumpd
I jumpd
I fell off de tabl
landed on mi hed and bruk a bowl! WETH MI HED! I karate exprt lek FEE
i wan gu hum now.
mi hed hurts.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

There was an accident.....

There was an accident.....
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Mommy decided to wash my baboon.
I'm not impressed.
I have not actually been allowed to see baboon yet. I've only seen the photographic evidence.
I hope he is ok.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Minou and Birdie did GREAT today. It was their last day of acting classes at DogStars. They were videotaped doing all the tricks they have learned over the past 5 weeks. The video goes online with their profile for potential acting jobs! (2 dogs in their class have already had jobs!)
I don't want to brag but Minou totally kicked butt -she did the best in the class. Some of the other dogs who normally do quite well froze up when there was people video taping them. Minou did ALMOST everything she was told - was quite excited to do it all too. Birdie was successful too although slightly more limited in the quantity of her tricks.
I'm hoping to get my hands on some of the photos that were taken - I forgot my camera!!!!!! and if I get a link to their videos I'll be sure to share those too!
I'm so proud of my girls. We went for ice cream at the 3 dog bakery afterwards.
Now it is time to go lounge by the pool......