Monday, June 25, 2007

We are in our new tent. It is big.
I don't like it. Too many boxes. Too many stairs. The floors are cold - I won't sit on them. Mommy said the floors in the bathrooms are heated but I'm not buying it. I still will go up to the bedroom to wait for her.
Since I can't see down the hallway into every room anymore I bark at EVERYTHING. How am I supposed to know that noise is Daddy in the kitchen? I'm on the top floor with mommy - it could be a vicious criminal and I need to protect her. Birdie is no help at all.
Mommy took lots of pictures of us moving but can't find the camera cord yet to attach it to the computer. Maybe tonight.
Now Mommy and Daddy left us alone for the day. I think I'll get Birdie in trouble. Poop in the living room or something and blame it on her.
Baboon is here and it makes me happy. It will be okay as long as baboon is here.


  1. Last we saw of baboon, he looked pretty terminal. Glad to hear of his rebound.

  2. Baboon currently has a safety pin across his crotch holding everything in. I stuffed all the loose stuff in the washing machine back in the way it came out. So far Minou hasn't seemed to mind the safety pin. If it was in the armpit that would be another story - she 'loves' his armpit.
    Soon I will unpack my sewing room and Baboon will go for minor day surgury.