Monday, June 11, 2007

dis murnin i wus ootsiid poopen wen i saw a leetle orung buttl. eet smelld gud. so i sturted leeckin et.
wen mommee saw et she yelld NO! an maad me cum insiid.
she said et wus 'A N T P O I S O N'
heh heh eet tast gud
so momee brught me to wurc. she said she had to watkh me.
no i at wurk.
i wus setteng on hur tabl an evel ladee heather wus petteng me. I wus fed up. so I beet her gud. NO MUR PETTENG MI HED!!!!!!!
I scurd her gud
she jumpd
I jumpd
I fell off de tabl
landed on mi hed and bruk a bowl! WETH MI HED! I karate exprt lek FEE
i wan gu hum now.
mi hed hurts.


  1. Ooh, rough day kiddo, better luck tomorrow.

    Belu ate an ant bait station packet, but I called the number and thankfully the lady said she could actually eat quite a few and be okay, but I needed to wipe off her paws and muzzle (probably borax or something that would give a chemical burn).

  2. Birdie, you should join a Dojo.

  3. Sounds like you're having a pretty bad day. Hope your head feels better soon!


  4. I think Sophie would be very frightened if she met you in a dark alley. However, she is also afraid of my measuring tape and cardboard boxes. And toothbrushes. And skateboards. Oh, and also her flea medication, AND she's terrified of me blowing in her face.

    So I guess it wouldn't be a fair fight.