Monday, June 18, 2007

ok ok - another question....
I am NOT an interior decorater and this being my first chance to paint walls I'm a little excited about every single possible color in the WORLD!!!!
I'm getting worried that there may be a bit of shock everytime someone walks in another room into yet another color!!!!! I have a rainbow of rooms! HEE HEE HEE.. It is getting to be too late already as I have bought the paint but I'm curious if other people think of this.
So far I'd say the colors all go together - nothing too shocking or bright or dark - all muted greens and blues so far.... I'd show ya'll paint swatches but we left them at the paint shop. You're going to have to wait until the rooms are done!
My studio is going to be the wackiest cause it's my studio and I want to have fun. I'm leaning towards the grey and silver and one of these chandaliers from Ikea.

Go big or go home is what lala always says. (I should point out I know a few lala's just in case your name is lala and you have never said this - lala in whoville is the one who always reminds me of this!)


  1. Hi there,

    Delurking to tell you about a great product for your walls that is cheaper and more temporary than wallpaper, and definitely hip.

    It's called blik flock and comes in many designs. They are plastic decals that fix to the wall without any tape or glue. And they come off when you want them to.

    You can change around your decor for under $100.


    Good luck with the move, and enjoy your new home.


  2. OH NOOOOO!!! Those are cool too. Man. This is getting more and more difficult.

  3. Did I tell you about my coworker and her "which beige do you like better?" moment in my office?

    Seriously - you're going to do an amazing job. My only advice is to consider how much sunlight will be in each room - if you've got a north facing room, don't paint it a dark or drab colour, or it will become the "depression" room.

    Is it the Lala I know? 'cause that's a very maritime expression.