Sunday, June 17, 2007

Help me pick!

I'm going to put - GASP - WALLPAPER in my studio/sewing room.
Why? because I can and I think it is awesome.
But I can't decide which one to buy.
These three pictures are of the three really expensive ones I can't afford from and I love them to death but it would be over $600 USD to do one wall.

So these next two are ones I found in our local paint shop that I can afford. But now I can't decide. The gold and silver on them both have a metallic quality. and I like them both. My first impulse is the grey/silver one but I like the greenish/gold one too!!!!!
Life is hard.

Help me pick!


  1. I love the grey/silver one. Minou probably prefers the hydrant motif.

  2. They say that you should never paint your walls with a colour you wouldn't wear.

    Pshaw, I say, I would never wear marigoldsandsunflowersscreaminginmyface - yellow, but that's what is in my house.

    That being said - I LOVE the silver/grey one.

  3. I love the grey silver one too - that way any colour in your fabrics will pop.

    Of course, this is from the girl who has a grey bathroom, greige living room, grey deck. I'm in a grey phase.

  4. I think you will be sorry after the paper goes up. Paint and use art work you love on the walls. When you get tired of it, you can paint a different color and use other art work. Wall paper is forever....

  5. Dear Anonymous,
    I don't know who you are.
    Nothing is forever.
    Maybe you don't know that the dictactor is a drywaller? Even if I can't get it off the wall when I am sick of it I can always rip the wall down. No problem. I'll just make him make me a new one!
    I am very excited about my wallpaper and the kitsch factor it has.
    The only time wallpaper is forever is on trading spaces where they only have 24 hours to get the stuff off and it doesn't make for very good tv.

  6. Im sorry, I didnt mean to upset you. Go for the grey/silver. But the green is nice too. The grey has more of a bold pattern. I love your blog, I read it everyday.
    Best wishes for the whole family in the new house.

  7. Mommy is trying to leave a comment and it isn't working.
    She said to tell anonymous that she is not upset. She's just been whining about this wallpaper for so long she won't be happy until she gets it. She was looking to make curtains instead of the wallpaper to cover the entire wall - but there are no good prints out there in an appropriate weight or price. So she went back to the wallpaper idea.
    You can say "I told you so" when it is peeling off the walls or when she hates it in another year. I know I will.

  8. I agree, wallpaper is not forever. I'm gonna go against the crowd and say the green/gold one. I like the silver one too but the other one is better. Of course it limits your decorating a bit more. But I say-be bold. Every time I have picked paint for my house, people make faces, and then I paint and everyone loves it. boring is for other people.

  9. Grey/Silver most definitely - more bold, contrasty and makes more of a statement!!! The gold/grey is pretty but I could see it fading into the background and not really being noticed. That's just so0o0o0o0o not you!!!!

    heehee, lala (from Whoville)