Saturday, June 16, 2007

This is the last week before the move.
We spent the day schlepping stuff from my studio to the apartment and packing. (With out new lovely mortgage I can't afford a studio anymore so I get a sewing room in the new house)
T-dawg came over to help - thank goodness she was here - it seems to have lit a fire under dictator's butt. Otherwise that butt would have been firmly planted on the couch where it was headed when she walked in the door.
We accomplished alot but there is still quite a bit to do and we ran out of boxes. Not sure where I will find anymore good sized ones this weekend.
Minou is starting to get a little freaked out. She knows something is up.Tomorrow I'm getting out the suitcases for the remaining clothes - I'm sure she will spend the next 3 days sitting in them if I do. Birdie is totally oblivious to everything though. This will be her first move.
We take possession of the house on Wed but are not officially moving until Sat. We might have fun and camp out right away on Wed night. Too exciting not too! NEW HOUSE NEW HOUSE!!!!!!
I hope Minou and Birdie are happy there - a few things might upset them. No carpets, I hope to get some area rugs eventually but the ones I like are expensive so it will take awhile. Lots of stairs instead of our long apartment - the girls LOVE running back and forth at high speed from the living room to the bedroom. That won't happen anymore. A small yard in the new place - again not alot of running room. Poor things. It is all we can afford. I hope they like it - lots of new places to sniff. I am probably the only weirdo in the world worried that her chihuahuas won't like the new house. We will be walking distance to the beach but that doesn't do them much good if no one walks them there.
I'm going to miss this apartment. It is really great.
Sorry we aren't blogging as much these days. I'm hoping once we are settled in the house I'll pick it up again. In the meantime I'm still reading everyone else's blogs regularly and if anyone is on facebook you'll have to email us. We are ever so slightly OBSESSED with it.
Time for bed. I'm rambling.


  1. The girls are going to love it - 'cause you and the dictator will be there. They don't really care about the lawn. Besides, they are small dogs, a small lawn is still big to them!

    I need your new address, please and thank you. I believe you know where to send it.

  2. I agree with Steph - Minou and Birdie are so wee that the yard will seem huge.

    My friend worried about her cats when she moved from an apartment to a house and they've adjusted well and love having space to get away from one another.

  3. We just moved to a new house too. We eased Poppy's transition from carpet to hardwood by throwing a bunch of bathmats from Target all over the place. They are so cheap, washable, and have a rubber backing so they don't slip. Poppy now knows to jump from mat to mat when she is zooming around the house. Aren't chihuahuas smart?!

    --Poppy's Mom