Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the girls and the truck
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inspecting the packing of the truck. I guess the dictator did ok. Although mommy still has to go get her plants.
Our new house is ok. I still want more carpet.


  1. Hey cutiescut!
    Licks from Brooklyn :)

  2. Birds....what birds?? Have I lost it...or perhaps you have? Fill me in Ms.Cryptic.

    cheers, lala

  3. Oh....geez....okay Lala es stupido. It took me a couple of minutes and a wee glass of wine to figure out what you were trying to say to me...."ya, angela....look at da birdies". You're too funny and also have a great memory. Perhaps this is the real reason why I am called Lala (often on another planet and find it hard to clue into what people are really saying). Too funny indeed...yes that would be THE OMA!!!
    hahahahahaha, lala