Monday, June 25, 2007

At work.
I am just about dying.
I am sooo tired and stiff. I'll have to leave early, My production levels are quite low this afternoon.

We moved Saturday - our new place has 5 flights of stairs. Small flights but 5 flights. Schlepping in boxes was exhausting. But I was ok Sunday.

We painted Sunday. Again alot of work sanding and what not and vaccumming up the dust and crap but I was ok this morning. Tired but the joints still worked.

I went to Boot Camp at 6:00am this morning. I can't walk anymore. One should NOT 'jump' across a soccer field, do twenty push ups, and repeat 3 times. My legs hurt sooo bad. At the end when everyone else was 'sprinting' across the field I had slowed to a meander. I was glad I had a tensor bandage on my sore heel so I could pretend it was an injury keeping me from sprinting like everyone else. I can't believe I have to go again on Wednesday. I think I might die. Since I fell off the diet wagon this weekend I guess I deserved it. (sour cream and onion chips, cheese cake, regular coke - I could go on, that was only one meal.)

I really really want to go home. I had hopes of finishing the painting in the living room but that isn't going to happen without a really satisfying nap.

Happy to be in our new house. Just wish we were a little further along with the unpacking.

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  1. Jen did boot camp too! i can't believe you're doing it in the midst of moving!