Sunday, December 30, 2007

guess what - I am actually knitting something.....
the little doggie shrug from
i'll post some pictures when I take some.
I have already made several mistakes. When you haven't been knitting for a year it is best NOT to start with cables - especially when I had just figured them out.. It wasn't like I was a pro at them in the first place......
I've also started thinking about my wearable art project this year. (got to start it while I'm not working 12 hour days) I have a couple of things I'd like to make - we'll see how many will happen.....


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Auntie Penny's fabulous present
The girls got this fabulous box of goodies from their Auntie Penny.
Birdie liked the sushi best.
Birdie likes sushi
Minou being a girl of expensive tastes and a bit of a princess loved something else.
Minou's favourite present - a box and a towel.
Minou's favourite present - a box and a towel.
She stayed in the box for 5 hours. Didn't get out once. I couldn't even look at the towel until we went to bed (and brought the box with us)
So much for all the other cute things I bought for them.....


Saturday, December 22, 2007

I just noticed the comments aren't going to my email... Whoops.. I must have done something somewhere.....Didn't mean to ignore anyone.

We are all taking it easy here for the holidays. I have been off work for the last week already - recovering from Xmas musical theatre hell. It always makes me sick with the stress, lack of sleep etc. so I have a cold. Doing my best Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer impersonation. How festive of me. Dictator's Mom arrived today from Quebec. Not exactly to sure how long she is staying - I am always the last to know. We spent the day cleaning the house in preparation. MAN did it need it. Feels alot better in here now. Minou just followed me up and down the stairs all day while Birdie stuck close to her Dad in the kitchen, licking oven cleaner and other toxic substances.

No big plans for the next few days. Finished Xmas shopping earlier in the week - mostly because I am out of money. A busy mall has never scared me I could keep shopping and buying presents until New Years if the credit cards could keep up. It will be a quiet Xmas with the 5 of us (moi, dictator, Minou, Birdie and Dictator's Mom) The presents are all under the tree that we decorated last weekend. We still have to finish the stockings though - we make new ones for each other every year and only Minou's is finished so far. I had to beg Dictator to buy me a turkey for Xmas dinner - I didn't get one at Thanksgiving either. We don't have any stuffing or gravy - I may have to run to the store tomorrow. Boxing day we are going snow shoeing on cypress mountain. Hope it isn't raining or too cold! Other then that no plans at all....

I should go to bed. Everyone else is sleeping already. Some cold meds would help with this situation - knocked me out yesterday.
If I'm not back online before Tuesday - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Friday, December 21, 2007

playing with her clone

playing with her clone
Originally uploaded by Camilla E.

I want a clone too.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The girls with santa
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I hate Santa...

Mommy makes me go every year. I think this year I made the worst faces - heh heh. See if she wastes her money again next year. Birdie tried to bite him twice. HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!

Mommy is still madly working on my fair lady.... only a few more sleeps to go. We tried to help her with fittings today. Barking at actors, jumping on her while she tries to pin hems, crying to be picked up by the actors, sitting on the actors clothes. Big helps we were.The big question this year is will all the actors be naked? She is thinking it is a new modern take on my fair lady. Eliza Doolittle in the buff. A Nudist's Ascot.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Ohh it's been awhile. Sorry all. I've had an extremely stressful past few weeks. Yesterday a HUGE weight was lifted. I have been going to a job that was frustrating (as in I want to do a good job but people are preventing me at every turn and there is no support) and stressful (constant critiques, new rules every hour to follow, people forgetting they told you to do something and then getting angry you did it without permission) You know - a real joyful place to be.
There was a horrible display of disrespect last Friday. I should have quit on the spot. I wanted to. But a good friend is with me and I felt responsible for her being there and thought if she is going to stick it out with this abuse I will stand by her and help her best I can. So I tried but I wasn't happy - I was really really unhappy. Miserable, sick to my stomach. I'm never been known to stand by and watch people be treated like crap. I'm a freaking libra - I need BALANCE!!!
So yah. After saying I wanted more time to sign a suspicious piece of paper the other day I was fired. I have never before been fired. Kind of shocking in a way. But oh did it feel good to leave knowing I didn't have to come back ever again. Yesterday waking up felt good again. This morning at bootcamp I had energy again. My sore back for the past week is completely gone this morning. (Hmmm where do I hold stress?) I just wish I had quit first - not given anyone the satisfaction of thinking they have ruined my Christmas or anything. I think something in me thought that the situation would work it's way out, someone would apologize for the language they used (said they were under stress and they knew it was inappropriate and they were sorry, you know - nothing big, just a little thing) and things could get better. But alas such was not the case.
I'm hardly unemployed. I've been working on another show outside of work which has been suffering greatly so now I can focus on it and do the good job I want. I had another offer this week too which I decided I didn't want. And I am starting another show at the end of December. This just gives me the break I need to enjoy Christmas.
My friend is still there. I wish she would leave. She is miserable. She thinks somehow doing the best job she possibly can will show them how horrible they were - doubt it. They will take all the credit and forget all about her. Unless they start taking their meds they won't hire her again and she certainly doesn't want to work for them again.

So Yah.
I am freaking free.
I'm off to go shopping for my other show - lots to catch up with. Puppies to play with. The girls have new sweaters to take pictures of, daycare stories to share, and we even started Christmas shopping for puppy relatives yesterday. I'll get back on track soon.
Hey Steph - if you want all the gorey details (and I know you do) call me on the house phone this weekend - I'll be out tonight.
bye y'all... (pretending I'm from somewhere south and warm today - it is freaking cold in the house - must go get startbucks)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Eliza Doolittle ball dress
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Mommy is working on another theatre show WHILE at the same time working fulltime on another show. She is dumb. Today was a beautiful sunny day outside and we had to sit inside and watch her draw all day. BORING.
I ate two - that is right TWO chocolate cupcake wrappers last night. Daddy left them on the coffee table and BOY WERE THEY GOOD. I know chocolate is bad for puppies but it was worth the tummy ache I have today. I'd do it all again if they would leave another wrapper on the coffee table.
It's Birdie's birthday this week. Two. Mommy bought a cake yestserday - I can't wait to eat it. I guess I should get her a present. Maybe some old dried up poop. Or maybe I'll cut her monkey's ear off and mail it to her. heh heh.. that would be funny.
Not much else is new.
Oh except we go to daycare once a week now. I HATE it. Birdie has a little daschund buddy named joey but I think they are immature. I just cuddle with the daycare ladies all day and come home smelling like perfume. PU.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Their REAL halloween costumes
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hee hee. These are our real costumes - we are wearing them today already cause we like them and Mommy finally finished mine....
I hope we get lots of treats and don't have to do alot of tricks.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

heh heh I love torturing her
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I hate my mommy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Are you really a real dog owner with a real dog? Maybe even a blog? As lovely as the dog houses for sale on your website are... the numerous links you have left me in my comments are ever so annoying. Especially when you pretend to be interested in my hoodies. Do you really want me to email you and tell you where they are from? Or do you just want me to buy a dog house from you. You know I MIGHT have once upon a time bought a dog house from you but your (not-so) clever ways at advertising are annoying. Especially if you think I will fall for your fake attempt at caring.
Maybe if you have a real dog you could tell us his name? Maybe he would like to have a blog? Maybe you have pictures of him in one of his numerous dog houses (lucky guy!)
If you leave me ONE MORE FRICKIN COMMENT linking me to your website I will block you. Don't you worry. I have done it before. You are lucky I haven't done it already. I'm just enjoying this little rant and am curious if you will try and leave another comment.

MINOU and I promise I won't try and sell you anything - I just want you to love me and feed me greenies.

Friday, October 19, 2007

It must be coming out soon!!!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

New Hoodies for the Girls
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We got new clothes. I was supposed to get the pink one but Birdie has recently been nicknamed 'lard ass' and the pink was stretchier so lard ass got it. Unfair.
Oh well. It's only because she is fat.

Friday, October 5, 2007

mommy is so not clever. She put all her snoty kleenexes into a plastic bag and left them on the coffee table. I didn't even wait to hear her start the truck. I just went for it. Birdie and I dumped them all out and chewed them all into tiny little pieces all over the carpet! Oh it was WONDERFUL!!!!!
She has now picked them all up and tied the bag in a not. I'll just get Birdie to put a hole in it - I'll tell her that her monkey is inside and she'll do it. I don't like chewing on plastic.
Mommy and Daddy were playing dance dance revolution on the wii tonight. They suck at it so Birdie and I were interfering. When they would try and pick a song Birdie and I would step on the dance pads and pick for them. And then when they were dancing I would put baboon on the arrows they had to step on - Birdie would put rat there. heh heh..... It really didn't make it any worse they would fail without them there anyways.

Time for bed. Mommy said she might sew us some new hoodies tomorrow.
good. it's getting cold out.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Mommy is sick..... snotty kleenexes to come. YEEHAW!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A few shots from the fashion show.....
there is more here:
if anyone is interested....

MADTV: Stuart goes to his dad's

Monday, September 24, 2007

Because Pappy asked......The dress is made from used coffee filters that we saved all year, and used tea bags! Hence recycled!!! There are some silk bits and a bit of polyester holding the whole thing together.......

When the actual fashion show pics arrive everyone will know cause I love to BRAG!!!!!

hee hee

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The dictactor just reminded me that I should thank someone who gave his life for me to finish this year and did not survive to see us win the prize.
He passed away quietly last Friday morning.
The coffee maker.
Every morning he made me another filter and towards then end he was making several a day. He never complained. He quietly stood in the corner doing his job.
It was a quick death - he just upped and spit coffee all over the counter last week. The dictator prompty put him in coffee maker heaven. He was replaced within hours...

Coffee maker I dedicate these awards to you.
I WON I WON I WON!!!!!!!!!
I won best in my category (recycling) and Best in Show!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!

I even get money!!!!! HEE HEE HEE..
There is one more prize to go - people's choice award - that one doesn't get handed out until the whole exhibit it over.


Pictures of my fancy pants awards to come - the camera battery is dead.....

Sarah - tell Angus I have TWO awards much better then his one little golden one....heh heh....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

It is my great great great uncle..... hee hee......

Birdie was farting all night last night. I don't know what she ate but the whole bedroom smells like poo. I can't handle it. I'm going to sleep on the couch instead of under the covers.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Finished chihuahua cameo pillow
Originally uploaded by Ang..

Mommy made this.
It should look more like me and less like Birdie.
That's just my opinion.

I ran away from home yesterday.

Well not really from home. From the backyard. And I got scared real quick so I ran to the front door.

Mommy and Daddy are trying to make me pee in the backyard and I really really really hate it. It is too small and smells like Birdie's pee. I would rather poop on the new white carpet in the living room.
Mommy and Daddy have been forcibly taking me outside and sitting there with me for 1/2 an hour!!! Waiting for me to pee or something. It is horrible. I just sit in the flowerbeds and shake. I won't even succumb to bribery when Mommy offers treats.
They've tried everything and I don't care I will not pee back there.

Yesterday morning Daddy tried taking me outside while Mommy was still in bed. Mommy told him if he lets me through the back gate I'll go pee. Well I was so terrified of Daddy yelling at me when he opened up the back gate I took off!!!! When I realized I just wanted Mommy I tried going to the front door but no one was there to open it. When I went back to the back gate Daddy had gone inside with Birdie and closed all the doors. I was outside forever and had no where to go. I missed baboon, I had no crunch crunch. I thought I was going to DIE.

Finally after forever I heard Mommy calling at the back gate and came running. I was so glad to see her.

Apparently when I took off Daddy went back upstairs to bed where Mommy was. Mommy waited a bit and didn't here me coming so she asked Daddy where I was. He said I was outside somewhere. When Mommy finally realized he wasn't lying she freaked out and came running downstairs. It took awhile for me to hear her though.....
So scary.
I won't run away again.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I do good laundry.....

Yes yes. I am a professional who is often paid to wash famous people's clothes.

You would think this would lead to having exceptionally clean and well kept laundry of my own. You would think my boyfriend would be treated to pressed shirts and wool sweaters that have never been shrunk.

Oh but you would be wrong........

I don't check pockets. I barely separate colors. The label says 'dryclean only '- I say 'heck throw it in it will be fine'.
I washed the Dictator's cell phone. And wallet.

Dictator was NOT impressed. You know what is impressive though. It was his work clothes so I had it on 'heavy duty' wash, extra hot water, there was only 2 minutes left in the cycle AND THE CELL PHONE STILL WORKS.

I can wash anything.
Not sure what to blog about. I'm just sitting here with cramps. waiting for them to ease up a bit before i go to work.

Angie has moved out, my sister came to visit, Penny is in Winnipeg. It appears as if fall is here - if only because Minou's favourite ice cream shop looks closed until next summer.

I am going for physio again tonight. Maybe this week I'll tell her about my sore shoulder too. (She is going to start to wonder about me pretty quickly.) Not much else new on that front. My hip still is sore although it doesn't feel as bad the past two days.

We don't have any groceries - I bet that is exciting news!. The girls are out of food too! I'll have to take care of this all later today.

Gosh I really don't have anything to say.

I guess the big news is a finished the job I didn't like yesterday. Yay! Now I am working at the Artsclub designing His Greatness and I am stitching on another show for Nancy on the side. (Or Vice versa)

The wearable arts fashion show is in 2 weeks - am I allowed to get a new dress to wear??? I'm kinda broke.

This post is so boring I keep doing other things so maybe I'll take that as a sign and officially stop!
hope I didn't put you all to sleep - I put birdie to sleep with my bubbling personality well over an hour ago.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Woe is me...
I keep hurting myself. All I want to go is get in shape and lose some weight and I am falling apart.
First I started running. Was never to sure what the problem was as I was to lazy to go to a doctor but the pain was severe enough that I had to stop.
I tried again and had different pains and aches. Side of my leg, knee and the worst one the back of my heel.
In an attempt to fix the latest pain and ache that started during running I got orthodics.
They mentioned hypermobile joints in my feet. Interesting I thought and didn't really think about it anymore.
The orthodics help but I still get pains.
Now I am attempting boot camp.
I am just starting to get good at it and now I'm hurting again. My same foot/heel pain is still there - dull ache but there. I have a sore shoulder. And now I can't walk.
So I go for physio. I've sprained/strained a pelvic muscle.
Apparently ALL my joints are hypermobile. Super duper hypermobile. So much so that the physiotherapists have a difficult time putting things where they belong because I just keep bending. I had one physiotherapist say she should be writing down what she has to do to treat me because she has never had to do it before - it would be good for her 'book'.
I'm a medical mystery.
Anyways. As a result of gumby me my muscles have to work extra hard to keep everything together. They are failing me. And apparently ANY exercise I do is basically doomed because I have no core strength.
I started boot camp to increase my core and keep up the cardio but apparently I'm either not making any progress or I am and it is still pathetic.
I just have to rant a bit because I'm in pain and now I can't exercise (I can't even walk without a limp)
I need a pilates or yoga class but I haven't had any luck finding one in my neighbourhood that fits into my stupid film schedule. (for those of you unaware of the hours people in film work let me give you an idea. A normal day for us is 12 hours. So if I start at 8:00am I don't finish until 8:30pm - add travel time to that. If we are on set a normal day for everyone else is 12 hours and the poor costume people are often one of the first people there and last ones to leave so it ends up being more like a 14 hour day and it is often out in the boonies somewhere making a very long commute.)
whine whine whine.
that's all.
Other then that we are all good. Minou was a little out of sorts last week but she seems fine now. Birdie is oblivious as usual. Dictator Daddy was at a football game tonight. Angie has been staying with us but tomorrow she will be moving into her own place. Penny is leaving for 8 months this weekend - Birdie will be devestated. Her singing partner gone.
Not doing anything this weekend - helping everyone move. Doing a bit on the house. Spent the afternoon today sticking my bliks on my studio wall - still not done but I made some definite progress. Now I am ready for bed with some A535 on my hip and shoulder and foot and leg and back and and and and and....
thanks for listening...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

heh heh
This guy cracks me up.

People think Mommy is nuts - she's got nothing on him.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Burdee momee daddee antee pennee antee angee and meneu wen basbal gam en toosdae. et gud fun. antee angees furend had BEER. Burdee bit furend an he spilled beer. heh heh. Burdee drank beer at basbal gam. YAY!
meneu ded nut drank beer. Just burdee. heh heh.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some pictures from TinMan - it looks good - I hope it is good....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

We had our photoshoot yesterday night.
I realized I forgot a bunch of stuff for it (as usual) but hey - they look amazing without all the garbage I was going to add on.
We had a great photographer and make up girl there and Esme was GORGEOUS (said in the little britian voice)
We ran out of sunlight otherwise we could have kept going.
I would post all 100 pictures here and everywhere for everyone to see as I am so happy with them but I should really pay Emioly for them before I go plastering them everywhere. I just snuck these from her contact sheet - too excited to wait.
Played a bit of wii this morning. It was fun. I'd play all day except Angie is coming tonight and we've got some cleaning up to do before she arrives.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It fits!!!!!!
It was like I was making it for her all along!!!!!! I am so glad and so excited for the photoshoot on Saturday!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Thought I better post again before Sarah starts complaining again. HEE HEE. Even though we have nothing interesting to tell.
I've been working a bunch on this cheesy vampire flick that is way too low budget for my liking. My paycheck is one thing but it would be nice to have enough money to buy a freaking pencil.
The girls are bored with me working this much - frankly I am too. I hate being spread so thin. I want just one job/project at a time. Too much house, wearable art, work, artsclub etc etc etc... Sigh....
I can hear the girls eating their crunch crunch downstairs. Happy noises. Minou will often bring a mouthful upstairs and chew it on the carpet. It cracks me up when she gets here and spits it out. Everyone prefers eating in front of the TV.
Esme is here at Ballet BC for the summer. (She was the model/ballerina Nick and I used in his book project) We are hoping to have a photoshoot this weekend - I have my fingers crossed that she will fit into my wearable art dress. I've been slowly getting all the pins out of it - now I'm waiting for tea bags to dry in order to glue them on. I am glad Esme is here - she is perfect for it.
Anything else???
Don't think so. Birdie is here - she makes it really hard to type so I think I shall wrap it up.
We are all still here!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

sorry sorry sorry sorry.....
it has been awhile.
I've been a little overwhelmed with work/house/sister's wedding etc.

- I was trying to finish a wearable art entry, I made the submission deadline but I still have to finish it in the next two weeks
- I have drawings due for a show at the artsclub in the fall
His greatness Act 1 Scene 1
- I went to Kaslo BC for 5 days for my sister's wedding, camping, so it involved a whole list of crap I had to get done. Including a pedicure of course
Minou and Birdie
- I'm assisting on a little low budget MOW
no photo for this. We'll throw in another wedding photo
Me and Jen

uhmm what else? Oh yah the new house.. Still unpacking, ripping up the little yard, taking the girls for walks along the beach, cleaning up after messy boyfriend who likes to wear muddy shoes on freshly vacuumed new white carpet, asking boyfriend if he knows how to empty dishwasher or where garbage cans are, doing the laundry, I could go one but I am sure most people can relate to this last paragraph...

- oh and because I am sooo rich ( ha ha sarcasm the bank card said insufficent funds yesterday) I bought a wii last weekend. As if boot camp 3 times a week at 6:00am isn't enough to make me stiff and sore now my back and arms are killing me from playing boxing on the wii

It is Saturday now - I am working today on the MOW. Sigh. Just waiting for the stores to open so I can make some stops along the way. I think Minou and Birdie will join me today so I better get their little bag of goodies ready.

sorry I miss you all.... So do the girls......

Monday, July 16, 2007

Birdie is hot
Originally uploaded by Ang..

i em soooo HUT. eet es relly HUT.

OHHHH they are really really hard to put on!!!!
Originally uploaded by Ang..

Hee hee. Mommy's wall decals arrived today. They are a little tricky to put up. hee hee hee.... I'm surprised she got two up. At this rate by 2010 she should have the rest done....
We haven't been blogging much lately. Sorry. It was hot. REALLY HOT. 36 degrees - for you Americans that is around 100 I think. It was hot enough Mommy's computer was not very happy and was overheating.
I wasn't very happy either. I just lied on the ground with all my feet sticking out. Finally Mommy gave up cold baths - WHICH I hated but it did cool us off.
Not much else is new. Mommy is home designing costumes for a play in the fall waiting for her next movie. We go for walks to the beach almost everyday. Yesterday was a family trip to the DUMP! YEEHAW! It smelled awesome. But Mommy kept the windows up and wouldn't let us out of the truck.
Birdie is headed for my stuff - must stop her.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I pooped in the bathtub today.
Mommy was standing right there. I jumped in and pooped.
It is as close as I can get to the toilet - I thought she would be happy.
I assumed wrong.
Maybe it was my technique rather then the actual location. I'll try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Minou eating ice cream

Minou eating ice cream
Originally uploaded by Ang..

This is just for you sarah!!!! Puppies eating ice cream at the beach!!!! What could be better???? Come on - really - nothing could be better.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

oh yah forgot to mention I am on Mommy sent pictures of birdie too - but she didn't make the cut - hee hee.
Auntie Penny came over yesterday and we walked to the beach by our new house. When we got to the park Mommy and Daddy got ice cream - AND GUESS WHAT - they had ice cream cones for DOGGIES. Mommy bought us a cone to share. We also got a carpet - oh Birdie and I were so happy on that carpet we rolled on it for awhile. Mommy took some pictures.
We went to work on Thursday too - BOTH OF US. We ran around like a bunch of idiots until we got to tired.
Will post better after some breakfast...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the girls and the truck
Originally uploaded by Ang..

inspecting the packing of the truck. I guess the dictator did ok. Although mommy still has to go get her plants.
Our new house is ok. I still want more carpet.

Monday, June 25, 2007

At work.
I am just about dying.
I am sooo tired and stiff. I'll have to leave early, My production levels are quite low this afternoon.

We moved Saturday - our new place has 5 flights of stairs. Small flights but 5 flights. Schlepping in boxes was exhausting. But I was ok Sunday.

We painted Sunday. Again alot of work sanding and what not and vaccumming up the dust and crap but I was ok this morning. Tired but the joints still worked.

I went to Boot Camp at 6:00am this morning. I can't walk anymore. One should NOT 'jump' across a soccer field, do twenty push ups, and repeat 3 times. My legs hurt sooo bad. At the end when everyone else was 'sprinting' across the field I had slowed to a meander. I was glad I had a tensor bandage on my sore heel so I could pretend it was an injury keeping me from sprinting like everyone else. I can't believe I have to go again on Wednesday. I think I might die. Since I fell off the diet wagon this weekend I guess I deserved it. (sour cream and onion chips, cheese cake, regular coke - I could go on, that was only one meal.)

I really really want to go home. I had hopes of finishing the painting in the living room but that isn't going to happen without a really satisfying nap.

Happy to be in our new house. Just wish we were a little further along with the unpacking.
We are in our new tent. It is big.
I don't like it. Too many boxes. Too many stairs. The floors are cold - I won't sit on them. Mommy said the floors in the bathrooms are heated but I'm not buying it. I still will go up to the bedroom to wait for her.
Since I can't see down the hallway into every room anymore I bark at EVERYTHING. How am I supposed to know that noise is Daddy in the kitchen? I'm on the top floor with mommy - it could be a vicious criminal and I need to protect her. Birdie is no help at all.
Mommy took lots of pictures of us moving but can't find the camera cord yet to attach it to the computer. Maybe tonight.
Now Mommy and Daddy left us alone for the day. I think I'll get Birdie in trouble. Poop in the living room or something and blame it on her.
Baboon is here and it makes me happy. It will be okay as long as baboon is here.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

These parents were worried about the babysitter they hired, so they hid a camera in their childs bedroom and when they checked the footage what they saw was pretty freaky. Can you see the ghost?

Sitter Cam Catches Ghost - Watch more free videos
heh heh scary.

Monday, June 18, 2007


living room



this one looks to purple - it should be more brown.
ok ok ok
here are my approximate colors of the other rooms.
what on earth will the studio be. Sigh.
Verismo is evil.
She showed me this website.
Now I can't decide again.

Now I have a whole new set of color options for the wall and pattern. Ugh this is too hard....
ok ok - another question....
I am NOT an interior decorater and this being my first chance to paint walls I'm a little excited about every single possible color in the WORLD!!!!
I'm getting worried that there may be a bit of shock everytime someone walks in another room into yet another color!!!!! I have a rainbow of rooms! HEE HEE HEE.. It is getting to be too late already as I have bought the paint but I'm curious if other people think of this.
So far I'd say the colors all go together - nothing too shocking or bright or dark - all muted greens and blues so far.... I'd show ya'll paint swatches but we left them at the paint shop. You're going to have to wait until the rooms are done!
My studio is going to be the wackiest cause it's my studio and I want to have fun. I'm leaning towards the grey and silver and one of these chandaliers from Ikea.

Go big or go home is what lala always says. (I should point out I know a few lala's just in case your name is lala and you have never said this - lala in whoville is the one who always reminds me of this!)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Help me pick!

I'm going to put - GASP - WALLPAPER in my studio/sewing room.
Why? because I can and I think it is awesome.
But I can't decide which one to buy.
These three pictures are of the three really expensive ones I can't afford from and I love them to death but it would be over $600 USD to do one wall.

So these next two are ones I found in our local paint shop that I can afford. But now I can't decide. The gold and silver on them both have a metallic quality. and I like them both. My first impulse is the grey/silver one but I like the greenish/gold one too!!!!!
Life is hard.

Help me pick!