Thursday, September 6, 2007

Not sure what to blog about. I'm just sitting here with cramps. waiting for them to ease up a bit before i go to work.

Angie has moved out, my sister came to visit, Penny is in Winnipeg. It appears as if fall is here - if only because Minou's favourite ice cream shop looks closed until next summer.

I am going for physio again tonight. Maybe this week I'll tell her about my sore shoulder too. (She is going to start to wonder about me pretty quickly.) Not much else new on that front. My hip still is sore although it doesn't feel as bad the past two days.

We don't have any groceries - I bet that is exciting news!. The girls are out of food too! I'll have to take care of this all later today.

Gosh I really don't have anything to say.

I guess the big news is a finished the job I didn't like yesterday. Yay! Now I am working at the Artsclub designing His Greatness and I am stitching on another show for Nancy on the side. (Or Vice versa)

The wearable arts fashion show is in 2 weeks - am I allowed to get a new dress to wear??? I'm kinda broke.

This post is so boring I keep doing other things so maybe I'll take that as a sign and officially stop!
hope I didn't put you all to sleep - I put birdie to sleep with my bubbling personality well over an hour ago.

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  1. You could, you know, sew yourself a dress.

    Innovative I know.