Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Poppy's Mom - that is exactly what we (err I mean Dictator Daddy) did! Minou didn't like it much but eventually she got pretty desparate and we wouldn't let her outside. Then we poured it into the little cup.
Got the results back today finally. Not blood but some sort of crystalizing or something I don't understand. It sounds like we need to change her food to something that will help with her urine tract (of course I JUST bought a $50 bag of food 2 days ago that would normally last us 3 months)
Oh well - anything to keep my little girl healthy. ANd the new food is NOT made by menu foods thank god.
Anyways I am still at work - we go to camera tomorrow so everyone is really stressed out and freaking out. I better get back to work.
More soon.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We've been trying to 'catch' Minou's pee for 2 days so we can have it tested. Not having any luck. Poor Minou is just sitting in the corner shaking wondering what new evil thing we are trying to do to her with this little cup.
I hate traumatizing her but I want to make sure she is 100% so I can stop worrying.
Yesterday morning it felt like Christmas. The girls woke me up BEFORE my 5:00am run - they wanted outside and they could barely contain themselves they were so excited.
Turns out there had been raccoons in the garbage right outside the door.
They ran around the yard freaking out and barking at 5:00am! I tried desparately to quiet them but they were having to much fun hunting for raccoons. I could hardly get Minou back inside so I could go for my run. When I got back they had to go outside again right away. Make sure the raccoons hadn't been back.
I should apologize to the landlady and anyone else who was still trying to sleep.
Not much else is new. I am working alot - 10 hour days on the film and then staying at the mall until they close for the theatre show I am designing. I wish I could say I am almost done but I just started.
I also stupidly decided to recover our couch this past weekend. Did two cushions then it was time to come home. So we have oh about 1/4 of a couch recovered. It will look good one day.. If I ever finish it along with the wearable art and everything else I am doing...

Saturday, March 17, 2007

It was Dictator Daddy's birthday today. I didn't get any cake or presents.
Mommy did. It's not fair.
Mommy got this necklace and matching ring.

Apparently Mommy and Daddy traded birthdays this year. Mommy bought Daddy a present on her birthday and Daddy bought Mommy a present on his birthday. They are weird.
I was supposed to go back to the vet today to have another urine test but Mommy didn't take me - she says she will on Monday though. That dog food recall talks about kidney failure which sounds a bit like the problems I have been having ONLY the dog food we eat isn't in the lists! It must be something else. And if it was the dog food Birdie would have it too.
She is still fine.
Not much else is new.
It is way past bedtime though.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Well I feel better and did my best to act perky at the vet today - I even played with other dogs. But I didn't fool him for a second.
I was given more pills to take. I still have blood in my urine. Or as mommy heard the lady vet say "Is Minou here to have her earring checked?" Mommy made the freaking appointment - too bad she doesn't understand english. (She only made the lady vet repeat it 3 times before she clued in) So more little pills twice a day.
I have put some of my weight back on - back to 7.2lbs only .2lbs more today before i am ME again. (I had lost half a pound) Birdie has been porking it on the last year (haha I just farted and Mommy is really grossed out - I think it smells neat) anyways Birdie is up to 6lbs. If she keeps going at that rate by the time she is 3 she will be 12 pounds! That is HUGE!
We met two oter chihuahuas at the vet - Bertie and Finnegan. They were cute - Finnegan was about as friendly as Birdie and tried to bite me twice I was only saying hi. Bertie was cool though. Birdie was actually being friendly too.
Not much else to report. Mommy has been tired from work all week and it does nothing but rain outside. She took her taxes to the accountant and asked if she could claim me and Birdie. Apparently the accountant said no and didn't find it funny. Considering Mommy spent $1300.00 on me and Birdie this week you think she could write a little bit of that off. (Birdie had her vaccines today and I have to go back for mine in a few weeks too)
It is nap time now.
- Minou xoxo

Sunday, March 4, 2007

We went here yesterday too. We each had one full size cupcake and I bought a dozen minis to bring with me to work. How much do you bet I eat at least 3 of those minis myself even though there is easily 12 people at work....

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Minou threw up again tonight.
I'm not sure if I should panic yet. There didn't appear to be any blood in it. Just her little tiny pill that she hates taking.
I'd like to blame it on the fact that we went to the doggie deli for lunch today and it was new food. Except she didn't puke up any food. She has also been quiet again tonight. Usually if it is a food thing once she pukes it up she is fine.
Looks like we will be back at the vet on Monday. Hopefully things don't get worse tomorrow.
My poor baby.
We've just enrolled her and birdie in acting classes - I'm gonna be a stage mom! So she HAS to get better. They don't start until the end of April.

minou's pink band aid

minou's pink band aid
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I GUD GUD GUD dUG!!!!!!!


Friday, March 2, 2007


Thursday, March 1, 2007

I got to go to work today with MOMMY!!! YAYYYYY!!!! It was fun. She is working in a big big building with lots of little rooms and hallways full of costumes. I ran around and said hi to everybody. Lots of Mommy friends who feed me treats were there so I was extra cute.
I had REALLY stinky farts all day - I kept trying to pretend I didn't fart but Mommy would announce it to everyone. How embarrassing. I still haven't pooed. Mommy is worried. I just don't want to poo.
I even met THIS guy. He thought I was cute and said he would rather have dogs around then most people. Maybe he will give me Nicole Kidman's phone number.
We had to go shopping in the afternoon and I was a good puppy and helped mommy spend money on fabric. I guarded the car while she went in the stores. When we finally got back to the office I ran around a whole bunch and made sure everyone knew I was back.
There is another chihuahua at Mommy's work. Her name is Molly and she looks like she could be my sister. I REALLY wanted to play with her - or at least lick her eyes like I go to Birdie - but she didn't like me. SHe barked and growled at me. So then I would run to Mommy and cry. I wanted her to play soooo much. She could have helped me get treats. Maybe next time.
I am tired now - we started work at 7:00am... I must go to bed early.