Thursday, March 1, 2007

I got to go to work today with MOMMY!!! YAYYYYY!!!! It was fun. She is working in a big big building with lots of little rooms and hallways full of costumes. I ran around and said hi to everybody. Lots of Mommy friends who feed me treats were there so I was extra cute.
I had REALLY stinky farts all day - I kept trying to pretend I didn't fart but Mommy would announce it to everyone. How embarrassing. I still haven't pooed. Mommy is worried. I just don't want to poo.
I even met THIS guy. He thought I was cute and said he would rather have dogs around then most people. Maybe he will give me Nicole Kidman's phone number.
We had to go shopping in the afternoon and I was a good puppy and helped mommy spend money on fabric. I guarded the car while she went in the stores. When we finally got back to the office I ran around a whole bunch and made sure everyone knew I was back.
There is another chihuahua at Mommy's work. Her name is Molly and she looks like she could be my sister. I REALLY wanted to play with her - or at least lick her eyes like I go to Birdie - but she didn't like me. SHe barked and growled at me. So then I would run to Mommy and cry. I wanted her to play soooo much. She could have helped me get treats. Maybe next time.
I am tired now - we started work at 7:00am... I must go to bed early.

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  1. Um, wow. That, ah, last comment is a tough one to follow.

    I'm just pleased you are feeling better, Minou. Sophie would probably let you lick her eyeballs.