Saturday, March 3, 2007

Minou threw up again tonight.
I'm not sure if I should panic yet. There didn't appear to be any blood in it. Just her little tiny pill that she hates taking.
I'd like to blame it on the fact that we went to the doggie deli for lunch today and it was new food. Except she didn't puke up any food. She has also been quiet again tonight. Usually if it is a food thing once she pukes it up she is fine.
Looks like we will be back at the vet on Monday. Hopefully things don't get worse tomorrow.
My poor baby.
We've just enrolled her and birdie in acting classes - I'm gonna be a stage mom! So she HAS to get better. They don't start until the end of April.


  1. I hope she's okay. Maybe just practicing her eating disorders for acting class. Sorry to hear that she's poorly.

  2. Poor little girl (you must be beside yourself at this point). I hope she gets better soon.

    When animals get sick, I wish so much they could speak human and tell us what's going on.

  3. Minou - Uncle Andrew and I are very concerned about you. Please take care of yourself, ok?

  4. Poor wee doggie, sounds like she will have to tolerate a bland diet for a while longer. Healing thoughts and best wishes from the East Coast.

  5. Poor poor poor doggie!
    I hope you are better soon!

  6. Poor Minou! I missed most of the drama and had to go back in the posts to see what's what. Very scary.
    Hope you are better soon, Minou! Sending a virtual greenie your way.