Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We've been trying to 'catch' Minou's pee for 2 days so we can have it tested. Not having any luck. Poor Minou is just sitting in the corner shaking wondering what new evil thing we are trying to do to her with this little cup.
I hate traumatizing her but I want to make sure she is 100% so I can stop worrying.
Yesterday morning it felt like Christmas. The girls woke me up BEFORE my 5:00am run - they wanted outside and they could barely contain themselves they were so excited.
Turns out there had been raccoons in the garbage right outside the door.
They ran around the yard freaking out and barking at 5:00am! I tried desparately to quiet them but they were having to much fun hunting for raccoons. I could hardly get Minou back inside so I could go for my run. When I got back they had to go outside again right away. Make sure the raccoons hadn't been back.
I should apologize to the landlady and anyone else who was still trying to sleep.
Not much else is new. I am working alot - 10 hour days on the film and then staying at the mall until they close for the theatre show I am designing. I wish I could say I am almost done but I just started.
I also stupidly decided to recover our couch this past weekend. Did two cushions then it was time to come home. So we have oh about 1/4 of a couch recovered. It will look good one day.. If I ever finish it along with the wearable art and everything else I am doing...


  1. At the kennel we use a frisbee for the girl's urine samples, since they usually squat lower than the cup. Then we pour it into the cup. Frisbee is cleaned before and after use for this purpose, of course. ;) You might need to use a mason jar lid, instead, given the size difference. And we go for the first morning pee, when they are so full they can't really stop peeing to get up and away. And while we are scooting this disc under them we are usually praising them with a good-girl-good-potties litany.
    I hope some of that info at least might help. It's very scary to have a dog sick and not know why.

    Tahoe hates raccoons with such a passion, when we lived in Oakland and used to keep our food outside, he would go hysterical and gibbering with high pitched shrieky rage when they were around. He could hear them and smell them and oh how he hated them.

  2. The frisbee is a good idea. The problem is because the girls are litter trained there isn't a 'first pee of the morning' Minou doesn't usually go when I get up - she gets up in the night. She'll crawl out of bed just as I put my coat on with tired eyes - just long enough to get a cookie. Then she doesn't even eat - she goes back to bed and saves the cookie until we get home for work.

  3. Ruby's Mom here...(Michelle)...this has nothing to do with getting Minou to pee...but I just read Burdee's profile...LOLOLOLOLOL...tears in my eyes.

  4. Would they still pee in the box if there was no litter in it? Then when you got up you could pour it from the litter box into a container. --Poppy's Mom