Saturday, March 10, 2007

Well I feel better and did my best to act perky at the vet today - I even played with other dogs. But I didn't fool him for a second.
I was given more pills to take. I still have blood in my urine. Or as mommy heard the lady vet say "Is Minou here to have her earring checked?" Mommy made the freaking appointment - too bad she doesn't understand english. (She only made the lady vet repeat it 3 times before she clued in) So more little pills twice a day.
I have put some of my weight back on - back to 7.2lbs only .2lbs more today before i am ME again. (I had lost half a pound) Birdie has been porking it on the last year (haha I just farted and Mommy is really grossed out - I think it smells neat) anyways Birdie is up to 6lbs. If she keeps going at that rate by the time she is 3 she will be 12 pounds! That is HUGE!
We met two oter chihuahuas at the vet - Bertie and Finnegan. They were cute - Finnegan was about as friendly as Birdie and tried to bite me twice I was only saying hi. Bertie was cool though. Birdie was actually being friendly too.
Not much else to report. Mommy has been tired from work all week and it does nothing but rain outside. She took her taxes to the accountant and asked if she could claim me and Birdie. Apparently the accountant said no and didn't find it funny. Considering Mommy spent $1300.00 on me and Birdie this week you think she could write a little bit of that off. (Birdie had her vaccines today and I have to go back for mine in a few weeks too)
It is nap time now.
- Minou xoxo


  1. I think that Revenue Canada is stupid and that dogs should count as dependants.

    Sophie just farted while walking up the stairs. (her daddy is calling her farty-fart-fart)

  2. Hi Minou!Michelle here (remember little Ruby Cupcake?), well I have another little gal- Maisie, Ruby's little sister,born the day before Ruby went over the rainbow bridge.Her blog is starting soon and I'll be adding you for friends.One day I hope to meet,we live pretty close.Just commenting that us Mom's will pay anything to keep our babies safe. Maisie broken her leg yesterday,getting surgery today and guess what?! $5000!! For a broken leg. Daddy and I nearly pooped ourselves- again, cause we just paid that for Ruby, but whatever- you girls are worth it and we keep's only money it's only money...And Revenue Canada should be allowing a small amount of pet care to be deducted. I'm starting a petition. Will let you know. Kisses!!