Saturday, March 17, 2007

It was Dictator Daddy's birthday today. I didn't get any cake or presents.
Mommy did. It's not fair.
Mommy got this necklace and matching ring.

Apparently Mommy and Daddy traded birthdays this year. Mommy bought Daddy a present on her birthday and Daddy bought Mommy a present on his birthday. They are weird.
I was supposed to go back to the vet today to have another urine test but Mommy didn't take me - she says she will on Monday though. That dog food recall talks about kidney failure which sounds a bit like the problems I have been having ONLY the dog food we eat isn't in the lists! It must be something else. And if it was the dog food Birdie would have it too.
She is still fine.
Not much else is new.
It is way past bedtime though.


  1. Hey bought mommy a RING?????

  2. not that kind of ring - he was very clear about that. He actually bought mommy a different necklace and no ring but she went back and exchanged it for that necklace and a ring.
    Keep your panties on....

  3. I'm so glad you're doing better, Minou.

  4. Hi Minou,
    I found you on dogs with blogs, and we live close...cept for that big boat we have to take to go to Vancouver. Maybe one day we'll bump into each other at the Cupcake store. My mom goes there everytime we visit.

    Cupcake Kisses