Sunday, May 31, 2009

lookee here at what I just saw!
From Wearable Art
Here is my little test piece!
It is totally working! Crazy...
From minou pitou

From minou pitou

I tried two brains but screwed up one in the rinsing process but I'm betting I can just flip the one over and voila - the other side. I am so S M R T.
Con make recognize this little guy. Now that he is working I'll have to make a proper one of him...
I bought silk screening paint for them but it is way to liquidy. So I did my second little test with just regular fabric paint and it worked much better. I think I need to buy a empty silk screen frame for it though. It is tricky to hold it in place....

ok here is the brain:
From minou pitou

and here is a lousy attempt. Must get a screen. But not today it is to nice out.
From minou pitou

Saturday, May 30, 2009

From Dictators and loved ones....

here is my glasses.... They are going to take a bit of getting used to.... But I can read things and not get headaches!!!! Yay for no eye strain!

Etsy :: swallows protecting locked sacred heart tattoo

I bought this the other day - I think it is super cool. Can't wait for it to show up!!!!!
Etsy :: swallows protecting locked sacred heart tattoo

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working weird hours. Got home at 4:00am last night. kind of napping through the day hoping to sleep tonight. It is a BEAUTIFUL day here today. Should have spent it all outside...... Did do some outside...
Got my glasses. look way to crappy for any photos today. Maybe tomorrow... The purple bags under my eyes are not flattering...
Not much going on.
My dress still isn't in New Zealand.
Still haven't finished the zombie shirts although I wanted them done for tomorrow. The silk screening kit has shown up so I will give it a try this weekend.
Still not done the backyard. The Dictator's dad is here this weekend so there will be no progress there...

Whoops went golfing in between here... Don't remember what I was saying... Played REALLY CRAPPY. But it was only my second time...

Monday, May 18, 2009

From minou pitou

Working on little something for Eliza's store. I need to be mass producing them in different sizes so I can put some on etsy too - but the backyard calls and baby presents call.... TOO MUCH TO DO! At least there isn't wearable art to do - for now.
Ordered a $40 silk screening kit online last night - I want the $400 one at michaels but we will see what this one is like... it is cheaper for now - although the refills aren't....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Psst.... just found these pics on the wearable art awards homepage - they were some of the winners... No good shots of my dress though....
Long weekend!!!!!
But the DIctator is working overtime today.. Poops.
Oh well good money for him.

And it would be good to start now as the wee ones are still in bed. Lazy dogs.

We watched Tron - the first one last night. I finally ordered it because I couldn't rent it anywhere. It was funny. At least now I recognize the names of things/cast. Got to go on set on Thursday for an hour - it was COOL. But that is all I'll say..... hee hee....

We also went to the pitch and putt last night - my first time this spring.... It started off pretty bad. On a 100 yd hole it took me 5 swings to get it to the green (I hit the trees TWICE) but by the 8th hole things were looking up. I even beat the Dictator on one hole which is pretty amazing....


must start cleaning...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The dress has made it out of Richmond! Whooo hooooo!
Tomorrow is the opening at the exhibit here.
Not much new here work is slow these days - kind of nice. Finished most of my projects. There is a baby coming in a month that I still need to make something for. But that is what long weekends are for.
Did a bit of work on my website. One day I'll finish it.
C'est tout!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is the woman and dress that should have won best in show - amazing. I'd never have the patience for that.....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

From Wearable Art

I totally didn't think I did. There was some AMAZING entries this year. AMAZING! I'll post pictures if I can find some - I didn't take any myself....
I didn't win my categorey - not even runner up so I thought 'ah oh well try again next year' I had my purse in my lap and program in my lap and was ready to leave. There was one AMAZING dress that I was sure won best in show that won the open category. It was stunning.....
And then they announced my name! I was shocked!!! We all were..... They asked me if I wanted to say anything and I said 'no' cause I am an idiot and I don't know what to say to people.... Like thank you would have been nice..... idiot.. There was tv cameras - they are scary....
ANyways - total surprise... Glad I made an outfit to wear - crap forgot to take a picture and now I am full of pasta from supper so I ain't taking any glamour shots.....
hee hee...
that was funny....
YAY!!!! Thanks to everyone who helped me with the photoshoot and listened to me whine!
AHh - Sunday morning. Sunny outside. YAY!!
I woke up with a headache and took some ibuprofen. It is gone now. I could go back to bed but I am getting a few things done....
I'm designing a store sign for a friend who is opening up a shop in Gastown. One of these days I would like to make something to sell in her shop.. I am running out of time....
From Signs for Eliza

We are still working on our yard. I don't know how people do bigger yards.... Hauling Dirt this weekend - hope to do a load this morning when the Dictator gets up. Yesterday we hauled 800lbs. My back is still sore...
I sewed an outfit to wear to the wearable art awards this afternoon in Port Moody. I wasn't going to. I am SOOO over sewing right now. Sewing 12 hours a day 6 days a week kinda makes you want to stop. I even went to the mall to try and buy an outfit. All I wanted was a skirt. Everything is pouffy these days. I girls with hips in her 30's does NOT want a pouffy short skirt. Not flattering... So after an entire mall getting crankier and crankier I ended up at the fabric store. DId I buy fabric for a skirt - yes. Did I also buy fabric for a top? Yes. Am I an idiot? Yes. But they are done and they fit after only a few minor mistakes. (That is what happens when you don't use a pattern) They skirt does have the world's ugliest invisible zipper in it but hey that seems to be my trademark. I'll try and take a picture when I am all dressed later - I swear it is nothing special though.... I had to do better then last year when I showed up in a jean jkt with barely combed hair and converse sneakers - yes that is typical me BUT it does not make for a very nice picture when shaking hands with the Mayor.
I still have two custom etsy orders to sew this weekend. Hopefully they won't take long. One of them I am still waiting for measurements to start. I hope they don't appear in my inbox so I can do them next weekend.
What else???
My tea bag dress is still in richmond. after a week. heh heh. I'm guessing the reason it takes 4 - 6 weeks is because it is probably sitting in some cargo bay waiting for a load big enough to make it worthwhile to ship to new zealand. Richmond is right by the airport.... Hopefully one day it will move.... I had to write a cheesy thing for the entry for for the media. So embarrassing. I really need to hire people to do these things for me. For the short description I ended up saying "the 18th Century with 2 lumps of sugar and a bit of cream" is it horrible???? Ugh... The long inspiration thing was horrible.
still no word on whether Marmaduke is happening.
Life on Tron is good. We spend most of our time making things that will never appear on camera. I tried to rent the first Tron this weekend. The Dictator hasn't seen it and I thought he should. But no one has it - the video store girl didn't even know what it was!!I had to SPELL IT FOR HER! Sigh. I'm going to have to order it online. Pathetic people really pathetic. I remember fighting over the prize in the Shreddies cereal box (the square ones not the diamond shaped ones, I'm old school - heh heh) with my sister. I don't remember what it was but you can bet it lit up.....

Monday, May 4, 2009

this is where my dress is going. So far it has made it all the way to Richmond BC. (For those of you who don't know that is about a 45 minute drive from here. heh heh.)
Minou and Birdie's agent emailed today. She is submitting them to be in the movie Marmaduke. The movie isn't a for sure yet but fingers and paws are crossed! I also know who the costume designer will be and apparently she has mentioned a large amount of chihuahua costumes!!! All good signs.
Minou is pretty excited. So am I.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

it's gone it's gone the dress is gone. It is on it's way to New Zealand CRAZY!!!!!

AND it cost me less then $200.00
AND I have a tracking number.... WOOHOOO!!!

Not much I can do now. Hope it gets through customs ok....

got my haircut too....
From Dictators and loved ones....
I Just deleted a bunch of posts.... Found out I can't have pictures of my dress on international websites if it is in the show. And since I know this is a widely read international website.
i know there is still old pictures of it around but hey - there is nothing text/link wise connecting it to the show if someone tries to search it. I think. I hope.
ANyways. It is in the box (it all fits in one!) I just have to go buy some packing peanuts for it to make sure nothing breaks... I'll do that when I go out to get my haircut later on today....
Made Minou a birthday t-shirt last night. I was hoping for something cuter. But that is what happens when you are tired. I don't like working 6 days a week 12 hours a day. It is exhausting..
From minou pitou

Here is some movie gossip.... Let's just say there are these suits apparently it takes 4 people 4 hours to put them on. And when they are on the people can't even pee in them!! They have special cups and hoses!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that horrible.. The 4 hours to put them on doesn't include makeup/hair..... I guess some actors do deserve to get paid more. At least when I am at work I can pee whenever I want and it doesn't take me half a day to get ready for work. Ugh... This movie sounds like it could be pretty cool..... Can't wait to see it. I want to rent the first one and watch it again - it has been awhile (like 25 odd years)
i'm tired.... tired tired....... i'll be having a nap later.
I've promised minou we'll go to three dog bakery for cake too - she can pick her flavour - I bet she picks carob.

Friday, May 1, 2009

someone at work accused me of gossiping about them today.
and was rude about it.
I didn't do it and apologized anyways.

But I'm going to rant a little now.

It's been a bad week and work.

After a bad situation yesterday I sent a text message to a close friend stating something along the lines of "Having a crappy day at work, someone quit" The friend works in the same business but does not know the person I was referring to and had no idea who I was talking about. I was just giving her a reason for the bad day.

This of course got spread around and people made assumptions. I did not take sides or say anything other then the crappy day.

Said 'person' now thinks I was spreading rumors about her before she even packed up her belongings. I hardly think my brief text message was gossip or a rumor. It is just what happened.

This person came back today and made an extra effort to tell me off and tell me not to lie. Said they were forced out of their job.

I did not lie.

No one said "you fired"
No one said "pack up your things and leave"
No one escorted them out of the building.
Things were bad. They believed they had no choice in the matter but they did quit. No matter how bad things are if you walk out of the building without someone saying "you're fired" then you are quitting.
Quitting can mean things were so unpleasant you couldn't stand it anymore. Quitting can mean you were being abused by your boss and you has to stand up for yourself and leave. Quitting can mean all kinds of things.
This person definitely quit.

I did not get on the phone immediately and lie about the situation...

I'm really annoyed and while I had tried to get along with this person I am over it now. Now I am quite happy to gossip and spread rumors. If I am already being treated that way I might as well have some fun with it. Things are better now that they are gone. The mood has significantly lightened.

I know they won't read this since they don't know I have a blog but I don't care if they did. They accused me of something I didn't do and were rude to me and people I care deeply about.


Have to work tomorrow. Big show and since we are missing a person there is extra work to do.