Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here is my little test piece!
It is totally working! Crazy...
From minou pitou

From minou pitou

I tried two brains but screwed up one in the rinsing process but I'm betting I can just flip the one over and voila - the other side. I am so S M R T.
Con make recognize this little guy. Now that he is working I'll have to make a proper one of him...
I bought silk screening paint for them but it is way to liquidy. So I did my second little test with just regular fabric paint and it worked much better. I think I need to buy a empty silk screen frame for it though. It is tricky to hold it in place....

ok here is the brain:
From minou pitou

and here is a lousy attempt. Must get a screen. But not today it is to nice out.
From minou pitou


  1. Ooooooh... can I have a brain?

    (I know, I'm leaving myself open here, but I don't care.)

  2. Once I get it working properly you can.....
    Not satisfied with the results yet