Friday, May 1, 2009

someone at work accused me of gossiping about them today.
and was rude about it.
I didn't do it and apologized anyways.

But I'm going to rant a little now.

It's been a bad week and work.

After a bad situation yesterday I sent a text message to a close friend stating something along the lines of "Having a crappy day at work, someone quit" The friend works in the same business but does not know the person I was referring to and had no idea who I was talking about. I was just giving her a reason for the bad day.

This of course got spread around and people made assumptions. I did not take sides or say anything other then the crappy day.

Said 'person' now thinks I was spreading rumors about her before she even packed up her belongings. I hardly think my brief text message was gossip or a rumor. It is just what happened.

This person came back today and made an extra effort to tell me off and tell me not to lie. Said they were forced out of their job.

I did not lie.

No one said "you fired"
No one said "pack up your things and leave"
No one escorted them out of the building.
Things were bad. They believed they had no choice in the matter but they did quit. No matter how bad things are if you walk out of the building without someone saying "you're fired" then you are quitting.
Quitting can mean things were so unpleasant you couldn't stand it anymore. Quitting can mean you were being abused by your boss and you has to stand up for yourself and leave. Quitting can mean all kinds of things.
This person definitely quit.

I did not get on the phone immediately and lie about the situation...

I'm really annoyed and while I had tried to get along with this person I am over it now. Now I am quite happy to gossip and spread rumors. If I am already being treated that way I might as well have some fun with it. Things are better now that they are gone. The mood has significantly lightened.

I know they won't read this since they don't know I have a blog but I don't care if they did. They accused me of something I didn't do and were rude to me and people I care deeply about.


Have to work tomorrow. Big show and since we are missing a person there is extra work to do.

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  1. Sounds like it was two crappy days in a row. Looks like we might unwittingly be in a Crappy Day Club together.

    I'd like to cancel my membership.

    If other people were able to figure out who quit based on your message, then it's pretty clear that the person who left has a reputation for not getting along with others, which is really too bad.