Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Just deleted a bunch of posts.... Found out I can't have pictures of my dress on international websites if it is in the show. And since I know this is a widely read international website.
i know there is still old pictures of it around but hey - there is nothing text/link wise connecting it to the show if someone tries to search it. I think. I hope.
ANyways. It is in the box (it all fits in one!) I just have to go buy some packing peanuts for it to make sure nothing breaks... I'll do that when I go out to get my haircut later on today....
Made Minou a birthday t-shirt last night. I was hoping for something cuter. But that is what happens when you are tired. I don't like working 6 days a week 12 hours a day. It is exhausting..
From minou pitou

Here is some movie gossip.... Let's just say there are these suits apparently it takes 4 people 4 hours to put them on. And when they are on the people can't even pee in them!! They have special cups and hoses!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that horrible.. The 4 hours to put them on doesn't include makeup/hair..... I guess some actors do deserve to get paid more. At least when I am at work I can pee whenever I want and it doesn't take me half a day to get ready for work. Ugh... This movie sounds like it could be pretty cool..... Can't wait to see it. I want to rent the first one and watch it again - it has been awhile (like 25 odd years)
i'm tired.... tired tired....... i'll be having a nap later.
I've promised minou we'll go to three dog bakery for cake too - she can pick her flavour - I bet she picks carob.

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  1. Actors, schmactors... it's taking my kid nine months to grow into his suit...

    ...his birthday suit!

    Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!

    Love Minou's birthday shirt. Verrah cute.