Sunday, September 28, 2008

my new favourite song
We were babysitting Julia's pitbulls yesterday. Overall it went well only one trip to the vet resulted. Two puppies got into a major fight and one had some deep cuts into her poor little paw. She was such a sweetie totally sucking up to Luc afterwards. He says he's getting Mia for Xmas now. I'm pretty sure I know how Minou and Birdie feel about that.
The puppies mom Lexus was the biggest brat testing every 5 minutes. We'd win when we could get her into the cage but that sometimes took awhile. It was her fault one of the puppies was hurt. Bad Mommy.
We didn't take min min and BIrdie with us in case you were wondering.
Little Sol (in the picture) was super cute and would pose everytime I took my picture out. If you know anyone who wants a puppy she is still up for adoption..... not so good on a leash yet but very sweet.
today back to homework BUT I might just start with making cupcakes because the homework isn't going very well.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

my Z

My homework this week - does it look like it could be a real font? Thank goodness we don't have to do the whole alphabet - do you know how long that took me? It is supposed to be a PERFECT Z, well I don't know about perfect but it looks ok.

We went to the drive in last night - yippee - haven't done that since I was 13. It was great we will go again for sure. Saw burn after reading - it was good, they had me going until the end. That is all I will say about it except I wouldn't mind if Brad Pitt was my personal trainer.

Minou had a bit of a headache this weekend. She was sleeping on my lap at the computer on Friday night while I played spore (yes I am OBSESSED) and something surprised her - not sure what I didn't hear anything, perhaps she was dreaming. So she jumped up. Only while she was sleeping her head had managed to go under the desk so when she jumped up she banged it really hard against the bottom of the desk. She cried and looked at me like I was a horrible person for beating her. We cuddled a bit but then she ran off to sulk. When she came back she had a HUGE bump on the top of her head - we laughed and laughed. Saturday she seemed fine, I'm really surprised it wasn't purple - maybe that is still to come. Can dogs get concussions?
Anyways she is sleeping on my lap again at the desk and seems a-ok. Her and Birdie were glad to come to the movie with us last night. Minou slept through it but Birdie watched and ate all the popcorn we dropped.

Not much else is new - had alot of homework this week. The house desperately needs cleaning, I have one more assignment to do then perhaps I can get some housework done. Only this afternoon we have to go to the pacific spirit train, my tea bag dress is on display and I want to make sure it looks ok. I'd tell the rest of you to go check it out when it comes across the country and see my dress except it is only on display in Port Moody then the train leaves it behind. Sigh.

That's all for now. Back to my Zed's

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We made a new movie for the cable channel at Xmas. I think you'll enjoy the fact that I have it on a repeat and there is a HAND!!!!
Forgive me for the fact that I can't figure out the new imovie and don't know how to transition and fade out music. Pathetic.

We went camping again this weekend and I bought a new camera. A SMALL one that fits in my pocket. I never take pictures anymore cause my camera is so freaking HUGE. It was nice to be able to pull this one out. I think we'll be good friends.
My Parrot

Friday, September 5, 2008

i didn't spill anything in my purse today but I just spilled root beer on my computer.... UGH..

ok got that mess cleaned up.
Have no idea what I was about to say...
such a klutz.

Ordered Spore today. It comes out on Sunday but I probably won't get it for another few days since it is being mailed. Oh well - I hardly need it to occupy all my free time. Classes start again next week......

Minou says hi.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

ok I made TWO ziggy stardust purses for myself this weekend. TWO. I have been using the same boring black bag, a freebie of sorts, for the past 6 months.... I carry food and drinks in it everyday. NOthing happens. NOthing. It doesn't have a speck of dirt on it.
I use my duchess silk ziggy stardust purse ONE day and I manage to break my oregano oil bottle and totally spill it on everything. UGH
I washed it and it survived but it isn't the same. You just can't wash silk satin.
Today while it was drying I used my black canvas ziggy stardust bag.
Don't you think I spilled an entire bottle of iced tea in it.
I'm such a loser.
Perhaps I'm not supposed to have nice bags.
What do you think Steph - is it time to bring out the nice felted lala bag? EEKS what tragedy will befall it?
I'm a horrible purse person. Plastic bags for me....

I think we finally finished Con's etsy banner today. YAY! Next business cards.

I'm really tired this week. That oregano oil was my attempt to ward off the cold I think my body is desperately fighting. That oil is soo horrid. SOOO HORRID. Worse then any cough syrup I had growing up. I'll have to buy some more.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I feel I should add a note to the crushed mammoth - I mean spider picture below. The picture just doesn't show it's true size. Let me tell you the Dictator wears a size 12 shoe - that is one big slipper..
It was one horrifying experience I hope to never have to go through again...
Half of it is still under the slipper too.

shivers up and down my spine...

Birdie just had supper

Birdie just had supper
Originally uploaded by Ang..

dirrrrty little sister can't eat without getting food all over her face