Sunday, September 21, 2008

my Z

My homework this week - does it look like it could be a real font? Thank goodness we don't have to do the whole alphabet - do you know how long that took me? It is supposed to be a PERFECT Z, well I don't know about perfect but it looks ok.

We went to the drive in last night - yippee - haven't done that since I was 13. It was great we will go again for sure. Saw burn after reading - it was good, they had me going until the end. That is all I will say about it except I wouldn't mind if Brad Pitt was my personal trainer.

Minou had a bit of a headache this weekend. She was sleeping on my lap at the computer on Friday night while I played spore (yes I am OBSESSED) and something surprised her - not sure what I didn't hear anything, perhaps she was dreaming. So she jumped up. Only while she was sleeping her head had managed to go under the desk so when she jumped up she banged it really hard against the bottom of the desk. She cried and looked at me like I was a horrible person for beating her. We cuddled a bit but then she ran off to sulk. When she came back she had a HUGE bump on the top of her head - we laughed and laughed. Saturday she seemed fine, I'm really surprised it wasn't purple - maybe that is still to come. Can dogs get concussions?
Anyways she is sleeping on my lap again at the desk and seems a-ok. Her and Birdie were glad to come to the movie with us last night. Minou slept through it but Birdie watched and ate all the popcorn we dropped.

Not much else is new - had alot of homework this week. The house desperately needs cleaning, I have one more assignment to do then perhaps I can get some housework done. Only this afternoon we have to go to the pacific spirit train, my tea bag dress is on display and I want to make sure it looks ok. I'd tell the rest of you to go check it out when it comes across the country and see my dress except it is only on display in Port Moody then the train leaves it behind. Sigh.

That's all for now. Back to my Zed's


  1. Oh dear - did you ice her head? sounds like she really whacked it! The poor boo!

  2. Those are some really nice zed's.

    Poor Min. (but I would have giggled a bit too)

  3. Aw... poor Minou. Maybe she needs to wear a hard-hat if she is going to sleep on your lap when you are working at the desk.
    Great looking zeds.