Sunday, September 28, 2008

We were babysitting Julia's pitbulls yesterday. Overall it went well only one trip to the vet resulted. Two puppies got into a major fight and one had some deep cuts into her poor little paw. She was such a sweetie totally sucking up to Luc afterwards. He says he's getting Mia for Xmas now. I'm pretty sure I know how Minou and Birdie feel about that.
The puppies mom Lexus was the biggest brat testing every 5 minutes. We'd win when we could get her into the cage but that sometimes took awhile. It was her fault one of the puppies was hurt. Bad Mommy.
We didn't take min min and BIrdie with us in case you were wondering.
Little Sol (in the picture) was super cute and would pose everytime I took my picture out. If you know anyone who wants a puppy she is still up for adoption..... not so good on a leash yet but very sweet.
today back to homework BUT I might just start with making cupcakes because the homework isn't going very well.

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