Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The girls with santa
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I hate Santa...

Mommy makes me go every year. I think this year I made the worst faces - heh heh. See if she wastes her money again next year. Birdie tried to bite him twice. HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!

Mommy is still madly working on my fair lady.... only a few more sleeps to go. We tried to help her with fittings today. Barking at actors, jumping on her while she tries to pin hems, crying to be picked up by the actors, sitting on the actors clothes. Big helps we were.The big question this year is will all the actors be naked? She is thinking it is a new modern take on my fair lady. Eliza Doolittle in the buff. A Nudist's Ascot.



  1. Santa looks like he's about to pick up Birdie and fling her across the room.

    Eliza NudeLittle. Hee hee.

  2. What did the girls ask Santa to bring for Christmas?

    Nudist Ascot, hmm, would that still require formal headgear?

  3. pip and daisy's mommyDecember 6, 2007 at 10:41 AM

    Never have I seen two puppies who looked more like they wanted to be ANYWHERE else. I'm sorry for you, Minou and Birdie. I have never had taken Daisy and Pip to see Santa. Daisy would just pee on his lap.

  4. Ha ha ha, you 2 look so funny! But I think I would love to sit on Santa's lap, as long as he doesn't mind kissies! I like to give kisses to everyone!