Saturday, November 10, 2007

Eliza Doolittle ball dress
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Mommy is working on another theatre show WHILE at the same time working fulltime on another show. She is dumb. Today was a beautiful sunny day outside and we had to sit inside and watch her draw all day. BORING.
I ate two - that is right TWO chocolate cupcake wrappers last night. Daddy left them on the coffee table and BOY WERE THEY GOOD. I know chocolate is bad for puppies but it was worth the tummy ache I have today. I'd do it all again if they would leave another wrapper on the coffee table.
It's Birdie's birthday this week. Two. Mommy bought a cake yestserday - I can't wait to eat it. I guess I should get her a present. Maybe some old dried up poop. Or maybe I'll cut her monkey's ear off and mail it to her. heh heh.. that would be funny.
Not much else is new.
Oh except we go to daycare once a week now. I HATE it. Birdie has a little daschund buddy named joey but I think they are immature. I just cuddle with the daycare ladies all day and come home smelling like perfume. PU.

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  1. That chocolate stuff is delicious!! The people get so uptight when I eat it though, something about making me sick. I think they want to hog it all to themselves!

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