Friday, November 23, 2007

Ohh it's been awhile. Sorry all. I've had an extremely stressful past few weeks. Yesterday a HUGE weight was lifted. I have been going to a job that was frustrating (as in I want to do a good job but people are preventing me at every turn and there is no support) and stressful (constant critiques, new rules every hour to follow, people forgetting they told you to do something and then getting angry you did it without permission) You know - a real joyful place to be.
There was a horrible display of disrespect last Friday. I should have quit on the spot. I wanted to. But a good friend is with me and I felt responsible for her being there and thought if she is going to stick it out with this abuse I will stand by her and help her best I can. So I tried but I wasn't happy - I was really really unhappy. Miserable, sick to my stomach. I'm never been known to stand by and watch people be treated like crap. I'm a freaking libra - I need BALANCE!!!
So yah. After saying I wanted more time to sign a suspicious piece of paper the other day I was fired. I have never before been fired. Kind of shocking in a way. But oh did it feel good to leave knowing I didn't have to come back ever again. Yesterday waking up felt good again. This morning at bootcamp I had energy again. My sore back for the past week is completely gone this morning. (Hmmm where do I hold stress?) I just wish I had quit first - not given anyone the satisfaction of thinking they have ruined my Christmas or anything. I think something in me thought that the situation would work it's way out, someone would apologize for the language they used (said they were under stress and they knew it was inappropriate and they were sorry, you know - nothing big, just a little thing) and things could get better. But alas such was not the case.
I'm hardly unemployed. I've been working on another show outside of work which has been suffering greatly so now I can focus on it and do the good job I want. I had another offer this week too which I decided I didn't want. And I am starting another show at the end of December. This just gives me the break I need to enjoy Christmas.
My friend is still there. I wish she would leave. She is miserable. She thinks somehow doing the best job she possibly can will show them how horrible they were - doubt it. They will take all the credit and forget all about her. Unless they start taking their meds they won't hire her again and she certainly doesn't want to work for them again.

So Yah.
I am freaking free.
I'm off to go shopping for my other show - lots to catch up with. Puppies to play with. The girls have new sweaters to take pictures of, daycare stories to share, and we even started Christmas shopping for puppy relatives yesterday. I'll get back on track soon.
Hey Steph - if you want all the gorey details (and I know you do) call me on the house phone this weekend - I'll be out tonight.
bye y'all... (pretending I'm from somewhere south and warm today - it is freaking cold in the house - must go get startbucks)


  1. You're not supposed to get fired when I'm stuck in meetings and can't get in touch with you! You're supposed to get fired when I'm at home and have time to talk to you and make sure you're ok... and, when it's appropriate, tease you about being such a good employee that you got fired.

  2. Cheers! Here's to freedom ~ and lessons learned :)