Friday, October 5, 2007

mommy is so not clever. She put all her snoty kleenexes into a plastic bag and left them on the coffee table. I didn't even wait to hear her start the truck. I just went for it. Birdie and I dumped them all out and chewed them all into tiny little pieces all over the carpet! Oh it was WONDERFUL!!!!!
She has now picked them all up and tied the bag in a not. I'll just get Birdie to put a hole in it - I'll tell her that her monkey is inside and she'll do it. I don't like chewing on plastic.
Mommy and Daddy were playing dance dance revolution on the wii tonight. They suck at it so Birdie and I were interfering. When they would try and pick a song Birdie and I would step on the dance pads and pick for them. And then when they were dancing I would put baboon on the arrows they had to step on - Birdie would put rat there. heh heh..... It really didn't make it any worse they would fail without them there anyways.

Time for bed. Mommy said she might sew us some new hoodies tomorrow.
good. it's getting cold out.

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