Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Are you really a real dog owner with a real dog? Maybe even a blog? As lovely as the dog houses for sale on your website are... the numerous links you have left me in my comments are ever so annoying. Especially when you pretend to be interested in my hoodies. Do you really want me to email you and tell you where they are from? Or do you just want me to buy a dog house from you. You know I MIGHT have once upon a time bought a dog house from you but your (not-so) clever ways at advertising are annoying. Especially if you think I will fall for your fake attempt at caring.
Maybe if you have a real dog you could tell us his name? Maybe he would like to have a blog? Maybe you have pictures of him in one of his numerous dog houses (lucky guy!)
If you leave me ONE MORE FRICKIN COMMENT linking me to your website I will block you. Don't you worry. I have done it before. You are lucky I haven't done it already. I'm just enjoying this little rant and am curious if you will try and leave another comment.

MINOU and I promise I won't try and sell you anything - I just want you to love me and feed me greenies.

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  1. Yeah, I got a Dog House Noah comment too. And before that it was DogFences4Less or DogThis4Less or DogThat4Less-- it's been going on for a long time. The point of origination for the session is always somewhere in the Philippines. It varies, but Manila this time. Forcing people to use blogger accounts is pretty good at blocking them, but that's pretty exclusive.