Friday, October 29, 2004

I got scared.

I had a really scary day yesterday. I was running around with my dad and this really big dog came and wanted to eat me. I started screaming but no one wanted to help me. Not even my dad he laughed. I was so scared I nearly peed myself. So I ran all the way home. I knew the way all by myself. I had to cross 5 streets. I was so frightened that the big dog was right behind me I didn't stop - even though my dad was yelling at me. I got home and I couldn't reach the doorbell so I barked as loud as I could and Thyrza saved me.

I hope I don't see that dog again.

Mom won't give me any chicken and the lady who like to give me chicken at supper hasn't been here for awhile. I miss her.

Dad is still picking fleas off me. My medication doesn't seem to be working.

Oh and my horrible mom cut my nails tonight. She gave me a greenie afterwards like that makes it any better.

I think I'll sleep in really late tomorrow.

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