Sunday, April 16, 2006

jenn and julien
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we are at auntie's!!! this is auntie and julien... he is BIG!!!!
i was sick for a few days - an upset tummy. but i feel better now.. i had breakfast today.
i don't like it at auntie's cause julien and ling ling drool too much and try to steal my greenies. birdie is brave/stupid she tries to bite them.
grandma is here too so when i need protection i go sit with grandma....
it is kind of cold here - we tried to go fir a walk but the wind bugged me too much.
Friday grandma took us to the pet store. The stupid people who worked there kept trying to feed me and birdie their lame treats. You know the dried out bulk bin ones - I don't think so. I only eat fresh homemade ones - or horse poop. (that could still be considered fresh and homemade by the way)
we haven't done much else. Birdie and I have had to team up just to make sure the other dogs don't get us.

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