Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Birdie SUCKS. that is all I have to say. i tried to bite her this morning to prove it. Mommy got mad. Well I am mad too. Stupid dog.
yesterday mommy got this in the mail from Auntie steph.
birthday present
she was very excited. It was her birthday present. Don't worry - you don't have to wish her happy birthday. Her birthday was in October. Mommy thought it came on a much better day when she needed a present more.
there was soap
A penis pencil (long story but not really)
a cd with a mix by auntie steph - of course there is matt mays on it
stitch markers by auntie steph
and hand lotion - has auntie steph told you about her hand lotion
2 small dog sweaters?
dog sweater?
doesn't auntie steph know how big birdie has grown? and why does she need two matching sweaters? AND WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE ARMHOLE???? Auntie steph is on crack.

Actually Mommy is on crack.
they were for mommy and her fingers not birdie. But boy was it funny watching Mommy trying to figure it out.
Mommy says thank you Auntie Steph you are the best.
P.S. there was candy too but Daddy ate it all already...


  1. I see Birdie has made her move for a complete takeover!! Thanks for making me laugh every day. And Ang... Sorry to hear you are sick...as you know I am too... if misery loves company we should be happy huh???? love those puppies!!

  2. hehehehehe.... Birdie is growing into her nickname, Thor....

  3. I want to see Birdie wearing one of those wrist warmers.

    I think it would look really nice on her. Plus, the one leg hole might slow her down a little.

  4. 'What are we going to do tonight, Minou?'
    'Same thing we do everynight, Birdie. Plan to take over the world!'

    That always pops in my head when I see those two.

    Hope you're feeling better soon, Mommy!

  5. Hehe, I hope Steph's package helped mommy's recovery. She has to be ready to leave soon.

    Love it that Birdie's is actually getting her name in lights!