Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's official. Stephen Harper (HISS HISS BOO BOO) took away Mommy's dream job. The Canadian EVIL CONSERVATIVE gov't and their new accountabilty act took away the funding for the movie and now it isn't going to be made. At least not with any Canadians anytime soon.
Mommy is sad. Now she needs to get a job to make up for the fact that she hasn't had a real one in forever.
At least she won't be abandoning us for the summer.

On to more pleasant things....
we drove to Calgary today - such a loong drive. Now we are at Yogi's house.
We stopped at Salmon Arm for lunch at a McDonalds. It was great. Mommy was sitting on the grass with me and Birdie eating her lunch. And a wind came along. It blew her napkin into the parking lot. Well Birdie being less than intelligent went running after it. Mommy saw her go running into the parking lot threw her burger back in the bag and went running after Birdie. Me being a super intelligent kind of dog. Immediately stuck my head in mommy's bag, ignored the ketchup as it smeared across my forehead and ear and Managed to get half the hamburger in my mouth. I had it mostly chewed and swallowed before Mommy realized whatr happened. HA HA HA HAAAA!!! It was soooo good. Birdie didn't have a clue what happened. She was still trying to get the napkin. Mommy was ticked and ate what was left of her burger and fries. The only bad thing to come out of it is she is threatening me with a bath as I still have ketchup on my ear.
Not much else happened. Birdie likes to sing with Mommy in the car. It is really annoying. Especially on the A-ha take on me song - they both were sooo out of tune.
I think it is bed time. I guess I'll comfort mommy a little....


  1. Oh Minou, please tell your Mommy I'm so very sorry to hear about her movie. I hope something wonderful comes along to replace it.
    I wish I could have gone to Calgary with you guys. Maybe next time. Have fun and happy Easter! :)

  2. What a total bummer about the movie. You should give your mommy lots of kisses and refrain from eating her food to console her.

    I have faith something else will come along soon to replace it. Something even better.

  3. Minou, we should mount a campaign: Chihuahuas and concerned artists against the hiss hiss boo boo Conservative Government.

    I cannot tell you how enraged I am. It would be inappropriate to say such things in front of Birdie.

  4. Minou... good move on snatching the are quick. I was laughing so hard at the sight of the three of you and you with ketchup on your head....Thanks for always giving me a smile.

    Ang...sorry about the job. Something better with come along

    Birdie... look both ways before you run out into the street!

  5. Sorry about the job, I hope something even better will come along.
    I wonder if the wee dogs wore picket signs in front of parliament if it would help. When I was on strike in 2004, I made a picket sign out of fun-foam for a little Pomeranian that walked our shift with us each day.
    Boo... Mr Harper.

  6. Somehow, that does not shock me. A man who shakes hands with his kids is probably not one for the arts.

    God, I'm so sorry to hear about the job. You are so very talented, you deserve to have your work showcased on an international scale...I hope the "big" opportunity comes along soon.